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The University Co-op is a conveniently located, full service provider of custom course packets and custom books, offering copyright clearance, prepress, out-of-print books, business case studies, class handouts and quality custom printing.

We pride ourselves on excellent service and the fastest turn around in Austin at the lowest cost with no minimum print quantity.

As a local non-profit organization, we support students and faculty of the University of Texas at Austin through donations and awards. We also offer 10% rebate to students on all custom published materials!



What We Offer

  • Easy order submission - submit online or we'll pick it up
  • Free delivery of your materials
  • Convenient for students - your course packet is shelved alongside other textbooks your class at the Co-op
  • We can digitize your materials for you - we can even scan books!
  • Layout and imposition
  • Royalties available for original works and journals with the ability to share at any rate with a department or college
  • Proofs, comp. copies and free copyright clearance
  • Case downloads (special pricing for Harvard)


Course Packets & Handouts


Custom Course Packets

We offer course packets in four different bindings:

  • Staple Binding, for smaller packets
  • Shrink-wrap with 3-hole punched paper
  • Fastback Tape Binding
  • Spiral Binding

We also offer course packet e-books which allows your students to view or print from any device!


Class Handouts & Exam Cases

Priced with your course packet and delivered in time for exams.



Books & eBooks


Books & Academic Journals

University Co-op Custom Publishing specializes in working with authors and editors to publish paperback textbooks, journals, instructional materials and creative works. Our trained staff works with authors and editors through every step of the publishing process including copyright clearance, layout and imposition with on-demand printing and no minimum order.

Authors retain all rights to their printed works and ear 100% royalties on book sales.



We offer eBooks in partnership with XanEdu Publishing. XanEdu App is platform agnostic and works on PC, Apple, Android and online! We offer secure distribution of access codes and the Digital Rights Management keeps documents secure (Must be viewed through XanEdu's app).

Our eBooks offer dynamic features such as note-taking, multi-media elements and collaborative learning. eBooks can also be made printable!


Copyright Clearance

We clear the copyrights for you free of charge!

Published works are protected by federal copyright laws. These laws stipulate that reprinting any of those works is strictly prohibited unless:

  • It is in the public domain
  • It falls within the guidelines of "fair use"
  • Permission to do so is granted by the copyright owners

Copyright owners retain all rights to grant or deny permissions. In most cases, a fee will be applied. We have site licenses with several publishers that allow us to clear copyrights instantly.

The University Co-op has worked with the Copyright Clearance Center for over 10 years to make sure that intellectual property rights are protected. We ensure that students benefit from academic pricing, and the University of Texas now has a pre-paid, annual copyright license that allows us to print several copyrighted items without passing these fees onto students.



We'd Love to Work With You!

The University Co-op's experienced staff is available to help at any stage of a project from concept to development and final printing. Contact us by:

  • Phone: 512-322-7009
  • Email:
  • Visit us in the Textbook Office: 2246 Guadalupe, Austin, Texas 78705 (located in the basement)

We offer free pick-up and delivery and convenient drop-off location at the Textbook Office, located in the basement level of the University Co-op at 2246 Guadalupe St, Austin, Texas 78705

Most course packets are processed and completed between 2 to 4 weeks. Generally, we advise submitting at least 2 weeks before you want your course packets to be available, but we pride ourselves on flexibilitly and producing all course packets in tie.

We have the best prices in Austin and a student rebate giving back to students every year!

To initiate a fillable PDF request form, a download to your machine is required. Click the link below to get started.