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How do I get a rebate?

Each school year, you should create an account at using your Student ID as the login. As the school year progresses, each time you make a purchase at the Co-op or on the Co-op website, log into the rebate website and upload information from your receipts into your account. At the end of the fiscal year (March 1st), your rebate account will be closed and finalized. Your rebate amount will be put onto a rebate card (like a gift card) in early October. 


How much is the rebate amount?

Typically, the student rebate is 10% of your total purchases (less sales tax). This percentage is determined by the Board of Directors at the close of each fiscal year.


Who is eligible for the rebate program?

Current UT students, faculty, and staff are eligible for the rebate program. Groups may not submit receipts collectively.


When will the rebate cards be ready?

Typically, they are ready in early October. 


What items are not eligible for the rebate program?

Grants and Scholarship purchases, as well as online textbook rentals are not eligible for rebates. In addition, purchase of gift cards is not eligible for rebates.


How do I know if my card is ready for pick-up?

Cards are ready each year in early October. When they arrive, we will send an email to the email address on the rebate account. We also place a banner on the front of the Main Store location when rebate cards arrive.


What do I need to pick up my rebate card?

You need a Student ID. Your card will be ready at the store location you specified on your account. If you would like to change where your card is ready for pick-up, please email us with your Student ID, Name, and what store you would like to pick it up at.


I didn’t get all my receipts entered from the previous year, can I still turn them in?

No, each year the rebate database closes in mid-July and we are not able to accept receipts after that time.


I can’t find my receipt – can I still get a rebate?

Unfortunately, you cannot receive a rebate for receipts that you have lost.


Can I use my rebate card online?

Yes! Just enter the rebate card number as a gift card.


Can I buy a gift card with my rebate card?



I never picked up my rebate card, how can I get it now?

Email us at with your Student ID #, name, and address – we are happy to mail the card to you.


Help! My account is locked!

Send an email to with your name and your Student ID. We’ll notify you when it is unlocked.


My Secret Answers do not seem to be working, or I forgot them.

Send an email to with your name and student ID.


I lost my ID card and had to get a new one and now I have a new student ID number. What do I do?

Send an email to with your name and address.


I’m getting an error that says “transactions not found” – what does this mean?

Since we can only update this information so frequently, you must wait 24 hours after completing your transaction before submitting your receipt. Try again the following day. Keep in mind that receipts from the previous rebate period are not eligible after March 1st. Make sure the receipt you are submitting is for the current year, July 1st or later. If your receipt is from the current year and you've waited 24 hours, send us an email at with your name, student ID, and the receipt information (Date, Transaction ID, Register #, and transaction subtotal), and we'll investigate further.


I’m getting an error that says “Subtotal does not match.”

This typically happens if you are entering a receipt from a refund or exchange transaction. As long as you uploaded your receipt from the original purchase transaction, you don’t need to bother uploading any refund/exchange transactions – your rebate account will keep track of these changes automatically. If you did not enter the original purchase receipt or have lost that receipt, send us an email at with your name, Student ID, and any receipt information you do have.


The website is asking me to create a new account, but I made one already. Did it lose my receipts?

No! We just entered a new school year. Each year after March 1st, we close the old rebate accounts and finalize their subtotals so card production can begin. Once the new year begins on July 1st, you’ll need to set up a new rebate account for the new year.