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When should I order my graduation supplies?

The Graduation department opens in October for the fall graduation ceremony and March for the May graduation ceremony. Graduation orders are usually ready in less than a week. There are deadlines to place orders for grad caps and gowns that are available on our Graduation Information page. 


Help! I didn’t realize I had graduation deadlines and I haven’t ordered any of my supplies!

We’re always here for you! We will try our hardest to get you what you need in time for your ceremony. Order online or drop by the store to submit your order right away, we try our hardest to fill any order we receive. After our deadlines, we can’t guarantee we’ll have the right color/size for you, but we’ll always have something available.


What do I need to graduate?

Check with your college to find out your deadlines and what you need to do to apply to graduate. To participate in the ceremony, you’ll need a cap and gown set. Some ceremonies may also require tickets for either the graduate or for their guests – visit the UT commencement website for more information on this. For a complete checklist, check out our Grad Info page.


I’ve got my cap and gown from high school, can I wear that? How do I get the satin stole and tassel?

The bachelor’s gown is a traditional black gown, so your high school gown should be similar. You are welcome to purchase the stole and tassel separately on our website or drop by the store.


I got a gift card with my grad pack from Signature Announcements. How do I use that?

The gift card that you received from Signature Announcements will have a total of $30 that you can use towards the cost of your graduation gear. You may use that in store at the register or you can use it online and enter into the gift card box located on the payment screen.

As a reminder, this is a Co-op gift card. If you have paid for your regalia before receiving your gift card or if you just don't want to use for your graduation gear, you are more than welcome to apply it to any other Co-op purchase.


What do I need to know to order my graduation gear?

For your cap and gown, you only need to know your height. For invitations, you should know what degree you are receiving, you can look up your ceremony time & location on the website.


How do I know what color I need for my gown?

All undergraduate and graduate students will wear a black cap and gown. Your stole or hood as well as your tassel color will change depending on which college your major falls under and what type of degree you are getting. You can see all of the college here. There are some degrees that have special color combinations. Our graduation experts can answer any questions you have regarding regalia colors.


How long will it take for my order to be ready?

Most graduation orders are ready in less than a week. Occasionally, some graduation items may go on backorder, and you’ll be notified by email. In these cases – your regalia will always be ready before your ceremonies.


Can I place my regalia on hold?

Unfortunately, we cannot place graduation gear on hold without payment. If you are concerned about receiving your regalia in time for your ceremony, we strongly reccommend placing your order online.


My graduation cap and gown is on backorder, will I get it by graduation?

Yes! We are only able to estimate how many students will graduate each season, so we do occasionally have to reorder items. If you’ve ordered by our deadlines, we will definitely have your regalia ready before graduation. You’ll receive an email as soon as it arrives. Sometimes, the items won’t arrive until a few days before graduation, but they will definitely arrive before your graduation.


Can I rent my cap and gown?

Bachelors and Masters regalia sets are not available to rent. Doctoral students may rent their caps and gowns.


Where can I get my class ring?

The Texas Exes Association sells the official University of Texas class ring. We also offer a variety of rings with the University seal for those looking for something a little less traditional.


Can I decorate my cap?

Absolutely! Although UT does not have restrictions on this, we recommend checking with your individual college as to their restrictions on apparel. The University actually has several cap decorating events on campus and the Co-op has their very own cap decorating contest! Be sure to swing by the Co-op's Art Store for all your decorating needs!


Do I need tickets for my graduation ceremony?

Some ceremonies hosted in smaller venues require tickets. To find out if your ceremony does, please visit the Commencement website here.

Tickets are not required for guests attending the university-wide commencement ceremony at the Tower. Seating for guests is on a first-come, first-served basis.  However, the outdoor fireworks ceremony (University-Wide) event requires students to present a procession ticket when lining up for the Grand Procession. Information about this is available here.


Can I get a DVD of my graduation ceremony?

The University no longer produces a DVD of the University Wide ceremony. If you are interested in a DVD of your specific college ceremony, please check with your college to see if the ceremony was recorded.


Where do I get my honor cords?

Typically, whichever program that will be giving you cords will arrange the hand-out of those cords. Some colleges give cords or other special regalia items to their students on the day of graduation. Check with your individual organization for more information. If you are a club or other student group looking to order honor cords for your group, contact the graduation department for details about special ordering your department or organization's honor cords.



Invitations & Announcements

Can I buy my invitations in store?

We’ve partnered with Signature Announcements, and are excited to be able to offer high quality invites with a number of personalization options. We are happy to assist or walk you through the online ordering process. Reach out to us by phone, email, or Live Chat. We also have samples and other information available in our store location.


Can I see a sample of your invitations?

 We have samples and other information regarding invitations from Signature Announcements available at our store locations.


How do I know if I have honors that should be printed on my invitations?

Grades are not finalized until after graduation, so the official honors designations are determined after graduation. You can check the UT website to see former cut-offs and estimate if you qualify. If you indicate that you want honors information printed on your invitations, they will be printed without issue. Be sure to confirm what type of honors you want printed as there are a variety of different programs on campus.


Which ceremony do I invite my friends and family to?

There are two ceremonies which you can attend - your individual college ceremony and the University- wide ceremony. The individual college ceremony is where your name will be called and you walk across the stage (a great cheering opportunity for your family). The University-Wide ceremony in the spring is very festive and entertaining – we definitely recommend you attend both. We typically suggest inviting your friends and family to the college-specific ceremony and then add a special insert to your invitations about the fireworks ceremony. Typically, the college ceremony will be a little more comfortable (and air-conditioned!) then the outdoor ceremony, which can be better for some of your family members.


Can I add special information to my invitations? 

There are a few options that are offered when ordering invitations through our partnered company, Signature Announcements. You can add a special message at the bottom of your customized invitiations or add on a set of personalized note cards.



Diplomas & Diploma Frames

When will I get my diploma?

These are usually mailed out roughly 6 weeks after graduation. Check with the University for more information.


How do I get my diploma framed if I don’t have my diploma?

Our frames are designed like picture frames. You can remove the back of the frame and mount the diploma inside with ease. The frame will include instructions and the appropriate acid-free tape to hang your diploma. The Co-op does not offer framing services.


Can I buy just the mat of a diploma frame?

Unfortunately, our products are licensed as a complete package, we are unable to sell mats and frames separately.


Do you sell frames for other sized certificates?

Yes, we have a few stock frames designed for 8.5 x 11” certificates and we also offer a State of Texas frame for board certificates. If you are looking for something else that you do not see on our site, we can most likely special-order it for you. Contact us by phone or email to place an order.


I would like a second copy of my diploma, is that possible?

Yes, the University offers a service for this. Please contact Diploma Services in the UT Registrar’s office for more information.