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Graduation Information & FAQs

Pre-order your graduation items online today! The Graduation Department at the Main Store will re-open March 4th, 2015 for Spring Graduates. 


Graduation Checklist | Announcements | Caps & Gowns | Doctoral Regalia | Invitation Etiquette

Commencement Schedule | Diploma Frames | Photo Studio | FAQs


Graduation Checklist

UT's commencement page has useful information about graduation weekend festivities, parking, services for guests with disabilities, and other detailed information for graduating students.

  1. Apply to graduate & walk in the graduation ceremonies. Check with your college for deadlines.

  2. Send out your invitations or announcements!

  3. Order your cap & gown!

  4. Book your portrait appointment soon! Our studio fills up quickly!

  5. Pick up your ceremony tickets if your ceremony requires it. Find out if you need tickets here

  6. Plan your graduation weekend & party early! Things fill up fast!

  7. Decorate your cap! Find inspiration here!

  8. Update your address & contact info with the University so everything is sent to the right place


Spring 2015 Ceremony Schedule

We recommend verifying your ceremony details with your school.

View the Spring 2015 commencement schedule.



Let your family and friends know about your achievement!

Even if you don't want to attend commencement, it's a good idea to let your family know that you have finally joined the proud population of UT alumni!

We've partnered with Signature Announcements to create a high-quality collection of invitations, thank you notes, and accessories for UT Students. Choose from a variety of packages with several unique paper styles, all featuring our beloved Longhorn or the University of Texas seal.

Place your order online through - orders will ship in 7-10 business days.

Tip: We recommend checking with your family before placing your order. Family members typically have a long list of friends to whom they want to send invitations or announcements!


Invitation and Announcement Etiquette

Invitations should be mailed out early enough to arrive at least 2 weeks before the graduation ceremony. We recommend, for those graduating students who have family and friends traveling from out of town, to mail out the invitations earlier if possible.

It's a great idea to send your visiting family and friends tips for getting around Austin.

Announcements are another great option for students who won’t be participating in their ceremony or who prefer not to have a big celebration in Austin. Announcements may be mailed out at any time and are frequently sent out later in the semester.

We’ll include directions for putting together your invitations with your order. Here are tips for addressing your invitations:



In 2010, we began selling eco-friendly bachelors & masters caps and gowns that are made out of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles. The new gowns are softer and cooler than our previous fabric gowns and made entirely in the USA. Each year, UT students keep 200,000 plastic water bottles of the landfills with these gowns.


Keep the eco-friendly momentum by recycling your gown after graduation!

Drop off your gown at the Co-op after graduation, and we’ll send it back to our manufacturer, where it is broken down and recycled into other green products. As a bonus, we’ll give you a 20% coupon on your next purchase!


Caps & Gowns

All regalia can be ordered online or purchased in store.

Save the Date

Bachelors and Masters


Bachelors Regalia

Required for Bachelors Graduates:

Bachelors regalia is available to purchase in the Graduation Department or can be ordered online. The deadline for purchasing a bachelors cap and gown is typically one week prior to the actual graduation ceremony.

Bachelors regalia is not available for rent and must be ordered by May 15, 2015


Masters Regalia

Required for Masters Graduates:

  • Black cap
  • Masters gown (which has different sleeves from a bachelors gown)
  • Velveteen hood and tassel in the color of your college. Find your color here!

Masters regalia is available to purchase in the Graduation Department or can be ordered online. The deadline for purchasing a bachelors cap and gown is typically two weeks prior to the actual graduation ceremony.

Masters regalia is not available for rent by students and must be ordered by May 8, 2015




Thank goodness you’re getting an advanced degree! You practically need one to weigh through the variety of doctoral regalia options. Check out our Doctoral Regalia Ordering Guide for more information. As a starting point, there are two basic styles available for graduating students.



UT's Official Doctoral Regalia

UT's Sable colored Doctoral Regalia ensemble:

  • Madison-style gown with two embroidered, gold towers on the front lapel
  • Matching sable velvet hood lined with Texas Orange and white satin
  • Sable colored tam with gold metallic tassel and two pins

There are several options and variations to choose from. You can also drop by the Co-op Graduation Department to see samples and receive a consultation from one of our graduation experts. We can help you choose the best option!

Doctoral regalia is available to rent or purchase. Regalia must be rented by April 10, 2015 or purchased by March 27, 2015


Traditional Doctoral Regalia

Doctoral Regalia ensemble:

  • Black doctoral robe with velvet tam or mortarboard
  • Velvet hood designating your degree (for example, all PhDs will have dark blue velvet on their hoods regardless of specialty). You will have Texas Orange and white satin lining in your hoods, highlighting your alma mater.
  • There are several options and variations to choose from. Traditional regalia may be worn by doctorates from any university.

Doctoral regalia is available to rent or purchase. Regalia must be rented by April 10, 2015 or purchased by March 27, 2015



Our most frequently asked questions

Help! I didn’t realize I had graduation deadlines and I haven’t ordered any of my supplies!

We’re always here for you! We will try our hardest to get you what you need in time for your ceremony. Order online or drop by the store to submit your order right away.


I’ve got my cap and gown from high school, can I wear that? How do I get the satin stole and tassel?

The bachelor’s gown is a traditional black gown, so your high school gown should be similar. You are welcome to purchase the stole and tassel separately on our website or drop by the store.


What do I need to know to order my graduation gear?

For your cap and gown, you only need to know your height. For invitations, you should know what degree you are receiving, you can look up your ceremony time & location on the website.


View more information in our FAQs section.