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Textbooks 101: Guide to Course Materials


University Co-op is a not-for-profit corporation proudly owned by the students and faculty at the University of Texas at Austin since 1896. The Co-op supports the University of Texas by compiling the official book list each semester.


Get Your Book List | Understand the Book Status | Rent, Buy, or Go Digital? 

Shop Online or In the Store? | Bring your Books Back!



Step 1: Get Your Book List

Students:  Access your book list using your EID through UT Direct - then click on Class Listing. From here, you can access your book list and print or save to your computer or smart device.

Parents:  If you don't know your student's EID, all you need is your student's schedule.  Choose your classes and begin comparison shopping here.


Step 2: Understand Your Book Status

Each book will have a Book Status to let you know how it's used.







Instructor has indicated that this book is NECESSARY for the course   Instructor has indicated that this book is RECOMMENDED (not required)  

Instructor-approved alternative option for one of the required books. Compare book titles to figure out which one.

You only need to buy ONE version!


Please note: Your instructor may occasionally require additional materials for the course that are not listed online. These will usually be listed on your course syllabus and are not usually needed for the first day of class.

Don't forget to visit the Art Store for course materials and class supplies!


Step 3: Compare Your Options

Once you've created your book list, our price compare system will show you the Co-op's price for each book as well as options that are available from online sources including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many others. It'll also show you rental & digital options if available. You can compare prices and choose which to order.

Buy, Rent or Go Digital?


Buy New or Used:

Use: Write, highlight, and make the book work for you

Time: Keep it for as long as you need it!

Cost: Higher upfront cost, but you can sell it back if the book is being used in the upcoming semester. Buying used is less expensive!

Consider: Eligible for the Co-op rebate program



Use: Take notes and highlight within reason.

Time: Rent for a maximum of 125 days.

Cost: Rentals usually have the lowest upfront cost.

Consider: Rentals must be returned on time to avoid penalties.



Use: Providers usually have tools to allow you to take notes and bookmark pages. You can print pages too!

Time: Some digital books are only available for a certain time.

Cost: Usually less expensive than a physical textbook.

Consider: Download instantly and avoid carrying heavy books!


Step 4: Get Your Books!

We feel that the Co-op is the best choice, but there are a lot of options to get the books and course materials you need at the best possible cost. University Co-op's price comparison tool allows you to get all of the information about textbook pricing in one place. There are a number of other places to get books, but we strongly suggest only buying or renting from a reliable retailer who understands the UT Book List and also accepts returns.


Ready to purchase your books?

In Store

Visit the University Co-op Main store, on Guadalupe to shop for textbooks, course packets and school supplies. Rent books right off the shelf. Books are organized by author's last name, so be sure to bring your book list. Our knowledgeable staff are always available for help!



Skip the lines! Purchase your books online here - early orders are usually fulfilled the week before classes and orders placed closer to class start are usually ready in 24-36 hours. Online rentals may take longer. Delivery to some dorms is available!


How long will it take for my textbook order to be ready?

Textbooks purchased from the Co-op Online:

  • Early UT textbook orders are usually processed the week before classes begin. Orders placed around the start of class are usually fulfilled within 24-36 hours. Any backordered book is usually expected to arrive by the first week of school.
  • St. Andrews textbooks will be processed within 24 hours.

Textbooks rented from our online rental partner:

  • Rental orders ship directly from our rental partner within a day or two of placing the order, delivery time is based on which shipping option you specify.

Textbooks purchased through other vendors on the Textbook Price Compare tool.

  • This varies based on retailer. Please see their website for more details.


Step 5: Bring 'em Back!






Send them back to our rental partner or return them at the University Co-op. Remember to keep good records of which books you rented (you can write "rental" in the book). Turn your rental in on time! Log into your rental account online to get up-to-date information!   Sell your books back for the highest value at University Co-op buyback locations around campus. Find a friend who is taking the same class next semester - if the same book will be used, share or trade your used book!


For more information, check out our Textbook FAQs for more info.