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St. Andrews Episcopal School Textbook Ordering

The University Co-op is proud to serve as the official bookstore for St. Andrews Upper School.


Two ways to shop for books:

1.      Visit the Co-op Main Store (located at 2246 Guadalupe St.) and browse the St. Andrews textbook section, located in the lower level.   All you will need is your class schedule!

  • Our Parking Garage is located behind the store at 22nd St. & San Antonio. 
  • See a map and store hours here.

2.      Let us do the work for you, order your books online and we can have them waiting for you at our Austin location (or they can be shipped directly to you).

How our online ordering system works:

Our website will not display real-time textbook inventory.  When shopping, you will see all possible options for a book (new or used).  As you add books to your cart, you will be able to choose which version you prefer (used or new) of each title.  As you begin check-out, you will be prompted to specify your substitution preferences for each item.

  •  If you choose “Ok to Substitute” – if we are unable to find the version of the book you requested (new or used), we will give you the version of the book currently available and charge you accordingly.  During check-out, you will see two subtotals, so you can see what your maximum cost would be if you received all substituted versions.
  •  If you choose “No Substitutions” – if we are unable to find the version you requested and cannot reorder it for you, then we will cancel it from your order and you will not be charged for that item.

Overall, we shop for each order like we’re shopping for ourselves – we’ll try our hardest to find exactly what you are looking for.   



Our most frequently asked questions:

  •  How quickly will my order be ready?

o   We try to have orders ready within 24 hours, but during our peak days at the beginning of the semester, it may take 24-48 hours for orders to be ready.  If you are a very early bird, some titles may be on backorder as we wait for our initial shipment of books to arrive.

  •  Why do I see two subtotals in the shopping cart?

o   Because our textbook inventory changes so rapidly, we are unable to have real-time inventory availability on our website.  We display every option we might have and you can order what you want and indicate if you will allow substitutions for that item or not.  If you allow substitutions and the item you request is not available, we will give you the alternate version (used or new) and charge you accordingly.  If you do not allow substitutions, then we will cancel that item from your order if it’s not available.

  • How long do I have to pick up my order?

o   We’ll hold your textbook order until classes begin.  After classes begin, you have 5 calendar days to pick up your order.  After the 5th calendar day, we will refund and restock your order, less a $10 restocking fee.


View our FAQs for more information.