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College & Degree Colors for University of Texas at Austin


Undergraduate Degree Colors for Satin Stole & Tassel

College Degree Stole Color Tassel Color
Architecture B.Architecture Lilac Lilac
  B.S. Lilac Lilac
  B.A. Lilac Lilac
  B.S. Interior Design Lilac Lilac
McCombs School of Business B.B.A. Drab Drab
Communication B.S. Crimson Crimson
  B.J. Crimson Crimson
Education B.S. Light Blue Light Blue
Engineering B.S. Orange Orange
Fine Arts B.A. Dark Brown White
  B.F.A. Dark Brown Dark Brown
  B.M.A Brown Pink
Jackson School of Geosciences B.A. Earth Green Earth Green
  B.S. Earth Green Earth Green
Liberal Arts B.A. White White
  B.S.Psychology White White
Natural Sciences B.S. Science Gold Science Gold
  B.A. Science Gold Science Gold
Nursing B.S. Apricot Apricot
Social Work B.S. Citron Citron


Masters Degree Colors for Hoods & Tassels

Degree Title Hood Color Tassel Color
M.A. Master of Arts White White
M.Arch. Master of Architecture Lilac Lilac
M.B.A. Master of Business Administration Drab Drab
M.Ed. Master of Education Light Blue Light Blue
M.F.A. Master of Fine Arts Brown Brown
M.L.A. Master of Landscape Architecture Lilac Lilac
M.Music Master of Music Pink Pink
M.P.A. Master in Professional Accounting Drab Drab
M.P.Aff. Master of Public Affairs Peacock Blue Peacock Blue
M.S.Appl.Phy. Master of Science in Applied Physics Science Gold Science Gold
M.S.ArchSt Master of Science in Architectural Studies Lilac Lilac
M.S.CRP Master of Science in Community and Regional Planning Lilac Lilac
M.S.CAM Master of Science in Computational and Applied Mathematics Science Gold Science Gold
M.S.CS Master of Science in Computer Science Science Gold Science Gold
M.S.Econ Master of Science in Economics White White
M.S.E. Master of Science in Engineering Orange Orange
M.S.GeoSci Master of Science in Geological Science Earth Green Earth Green
M.S.H.P. Master of Science in Historic Preservation Lilac Lilac
M.S.InfoStds Master of Science in Information Studies Lemon Yellow Lemon Yellow
M.S.MarineSci Master of Science in Marine Science Science Gold Science Gold
M.S.N. Master of Science in Nursing Apricot Apricot
M.S.Phr Master of Science in Pharmacy Olive Green Olive Green
M.S.T.C Master of Science in Technology Commercialization Drab Drab
M.S.S.W. Master of Science in Social Work Citron Citron
M.S.Stat Master of Science in Statistics Science Gold Science Gold
M.S.S.D. Master of Science in Sustainable Design Lilac Lilac
M.S.T.A.T. Master of Science in Textile and Apparel Technology Science Gold Science Gold
M.S.U.D. Master of Science in Urban Design Lilac Lilac