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Can you believe how many different things they can paint Burnt Orange put a Longhorn on? Well it’s true, there are A LOT of things. Since the University Co-op has the largest selection of Texas Longhorn souvenirs, this is the place to start looking for that special item! We have a ways to go to get through all of our options so let’s start with A – Automotive! The Co-op Auto section has Longhorn License Plate Frames, Hitch Covers, Car Accessories and over 8 different colors of the standard Longhorn Car Emblem, and that’s just one car emblem version! If you were thinking about a flag for your car, you better get one for the house too! In addition to the standard appliquéd flags, the Co-op carries Burnt Orange Pennants and Banners but don’t stop there, get some Longhorns in the Kitchen, some Drinkware for the Bar and Man Cave supplies to keep the home décor as Burnt Orange as possible. Show the neighbors that you’re the Longhorn on the block! In fact, if you are the Longhorn on the block, you should really be throwing the neighbor hood tailgate! Stock up on Tailgate Cooking Gear, BBQ Supplies, Drinkware like Koozies and Coolers, and also pick up some tailgate games to play while you’re entertaining. And if you’re the fan that really gets fanatical on game day we have all your game day spirit items covered! From Face Decals to Pom Poms and Nail Polish to Foam Hands we can get your Texas Spirit flowing! Speaking about spirit, how lively would it be to throw a Texas Longhorn Party?! Get Party Favors, Stationary and Party Supplies like cups, napkins and balloons and step that birthday or celebration up a Texas notch! Send every one home with a Magnet or a Sticker Decal, especially if they’re not lucky enough to be a Longhorn yet ;-). One last question before I send you deep into Longhorn Country, do you have a pet? If the answer is yes don’t forget to stop by our Pet section! You can get your cat a Longhorn Toy and your dog a new leash, collar or a cute Burnt Orange Outfit! Don’t forget that the University Co-op donates a portion of every sale back to the University of Texas so don’t wait on me, get shopping!