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Texas Longhorn Black Longhorn Umbrella


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Classic folding auto open umbrella. Opens with the push of a button to a large 42" coverage. Longhorn logo on main body with color coordinated finger grip handle and wrist strap. Matching nylon case.


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5/5 Stars Not just a cheap throw-away! Reviewed by: Kristen H. on 2/5/15

Ok, I bought one of these because I was staring out the front doors of the Co-op into a wall of water pouring down. I chose this umbrella because it was the cheapest option available on the rack and - it was there. Since then, it's been almost 3 years and I'm a TERRIBLE umbrella-keeper, I keep this thing wrapped up in an umbrella bag *damp* for weeks after it rains, never bothering to air it out and dry it off. When I'm done using it, I toss it into the back of the car... not gently... and this thing is STILL in shape! It's def got a little bit of rust, but the automatic spring still works and it never flips inside out. The strap has at long last broken off, but $12 for 3 brutal years - I'd buy it again!