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Mango Mama Orange Shimmer Edible Glitter

SKU: 21050947
Brand: Sugar Momma Shimmer


They say it takes two to Tango. But it only takes Mango Mama to sparkle any of your favorite beverages. So fab, Mango Mama orange edible shimmer pairs best with margaritas, beer, whiskey drinks, dark or clear rum drinks, and Saturday morning Mimosas. Notice we said Mimosas plural.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR DRINK SPARKLE: Sprinkle Mango Mama edible drink glitter in any beverage or dip any food to add some gorgeous shimmer to your day.

- No flavor
- No texture
- Only sparkle
- 100% FDA Approved Ingredients
- Won't dissolve or sink like other edible glitters
- INGREDIENTS: Mica-Based Pearlescent, Dextrose, Yellow 6 Lake