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The Big Shootout - The Life & Times of 1969 DVD


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On December 6, 1969, in Fayetteville, Arkansas, number one ranked Texas and number two ranked Arkansas met in the "game of the century," in celebration of the 100th year of college football. It was the first championship game arranged for television and the last championship game played with all white participants. With Secret Service men overlooking his 35 yard line seat, President Nixon was there, bringing along George Bush for company. Civil rights and protestors were there. God was even there, sending Billy Graham to deliver the pre-game invocation. Fifty million people watched on T.V., including LBJ. Bill Clinton listened on shortwave radio from England.

The Big Shootout on DVD features over 20 minutes of outtakes with coaches and players.



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4/5 Stars Great Remembrance! Reviewed by: OrangeHoof on 11/28/15

A great review of a historical event puts you back in 1969 with the backdrop of Nixon, Vietnam, The Southwest Conference, Billy Graham, big hair, all-white football and all that happens when #1 and #2 get together from the same conference. Contains footage from the ABC game broadcast and much more.