12 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To Texas A&M

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12 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To Texas A&M

by Mary-Cate Machalec

Recently The Odyssey posted an article online titled “12 Reasons Why You Should Go To Texas A&M,” which quite honestly should be championed as a heroic accomplishment of epic proportions. The fact that someone could think of 12 whole reasons to go to school at Texas A&M is extremely impressive, considering we can’t even find one that could be close to convincing.

But as we all know, Aggies can sometimes be a bit confused, so in the spirit of our friendly rivalry, here’s a rebuttal for each of their reasons and why UT is actually the much better school to attend (high school seniors take note).

Aggie Reason #1: To be happy

Is this really the best they’ve got? They couldn’t come up with a better reason than “feelings” to put as number one…? Come on Aggies, we expected better, even from you.


Aggie Reason #2: To get a great education

Their main logic here is that Aggie graduates have the highest average salaries out of any public university in Texas. I’m sorry, but when did money become the sign of a great education? Just because you get paid a lot doesn’t mean you took the most rigorous courses or learned from the highest qualified professors.

Here at UT you can learn from professors who have won the Nobel Prize, (http://www.thebestschools.org/blog/2013/11/25/10-highest-paid-college-professors-u-s/) the Pulitzer Prize, (https://research.utexas.edu/research-recognition/prize-winners/) the National Medal of Science, (https://research.utexas.edu/research-recognition/national-international-awards/) or are even contributors for CNN and CSPAN. (http://www.cnn.com/2012/10/28/opinion/opinion-presidential-greatness/)


That is one of the marks of a great education, not simply how much money you make.

Aggie Reason #3: To join great organizations

A&M boasts that they have 1,000 student organizations on campus. Not to be petty, but here at UT we officially have 1,236 different ways to get involved. So if we really want to get technical, there are actually 236 more reasons to come to UT. But I mean, who’s counting?

Aggie Reason #4: To be part of the Aggie Network

“Aggie bosses go out of their way to hire other qualified Aggies.” So what I’m hearing is they discriminate based on where you chose to go to school? Because that sounds honorable… Not saying this doesn’t happen with UT alumni, we just don’t use it as a selling point to get people to come to our university.


Aggie Reason #5: To watch Aggie sports

Biggest LOL on the list. Shall we compare total national titles?



The article also claims that Aggie football “has absolutely taken off since the arrival of Coach Kevin Sumlin.” Is that referring to the fact that both of their quarterbacks quit within the same week back in December and left the program? If so, then yes, they have quite literally “taken off.”

Or maybe it’s talking about the fact that A&M has performed so well in the SEC. Let’s take a look at that, shall we?


It most certainly is “an exciting time for Aggie sports.”

Poor aggies.


Also, #neverforget 


Aggie Reason #6: You get to live in Bryan/College Station

First off, why would you want to live in College Station when you can live in Austin?

Want to break into the music scene? Welcome to the Live Music Capital of the World. Interested in politics? Let me direct you to the Capitol building, where the heart of the state government lives. Aspiring to work in the film industry? Welcome to the city with the biggest flourishing movie scene in Texas. Ever heard of a little thing called South by Southwest? Austin City Limits? Austin Film Festival? Austin is by far the city with the most opportunities for getting exposure and experience in whatever field you’re interested in, something you can’t find in College Station.

PLUS, we have Barton Springs, Zilker Park, the Greenbelt, Mount Bonnell, and tons of smaller festivals and events unique to the city. If you’re bored in Austin, it’s your own fault.

Or you could go live in College Station, where “movies are only $4.75.” Yes. It’s so boring in Aggieland they actually put going to the movies as a reason to live there. And it’s not even an IMAX!


Aggie Reason #7: Experience Aggie traditions

Or as everyone else likes to call it: joining a cult.

I’ll admit: their mascot is super cute, until you find out she’s the highest-ranking member of the Corps of Cadets and addressed as “Miss Rev, ma’am.” Yes, we think treating a stupid dog like a human is a bit delusional too, but at A&M such delusion is passed off as “tradition.”


If that’s not bad enough, they don’t have cheerleaders - they have yell leaders. These guys stand in front of the student section and lead the chants that are about farming or winning some other crap. The worst part? Before each cheer the yell leader screams “HUMP IT AGS!” that way all the students know some chant is about to go down.


We wish we were joking.


Aggie Reason #8: To serve others

A very noble reason, but do Aggies think you can only do service work at their school? UT also participates in Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, and The Project - our own equivalent to the Aggie’s “Big Event.” Plus, we have countless service sororities/fraternities and organizations to join on campus.




Aggie Reason #9: To eat great food

Sure, there are some good restaurants in College Station, but the food scene in Austin is actually unreal. Hopdoddy’s, Gordough’s, Franklin’s Barbeque, Homeslice, Kerbey Lane, Moonshine Bar and Grill, Voodoo Donuts, Magnolia Cafe, Hula Hut, The Oasis, Haymakers….the list literally NEVER ENDS. Add in Austin food trucks and there’s no competition for what city has the best food. We’re not even going to mention 6th Street because that would just be unfair.

When Aggies try and say Northgate is better than 6th Street:


Aggie Reason #10: To earn an Aggie ring

That little piece of gold is probably more respected that their actual diplomas. For good reason too, because it’s a degree from A&M.

Yeah, we went there.


Aggie Reason #11: To make incredible memories with incredible friends

Earth to Aggies: this is just called “college.” You really can’t take credit for this one because literally everyone all over the world does this at their respective universities.

The only reason more people do it at A&M is because they couldn’t get into UT.




Aggie Reason #12: To be a part of the 12th man

A&M’s so bad at football they need another player to help them win. We don’t really get this one either. See #7.