12 Student Organizations to Join (for every type of student!)

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12 Student Organizations to Join

(for every type of student!)


With over 1100 student orgs at the University of Texas, choosing which ones to join can seem a little overwhelming. This semester is your chance to branch out, try something new, and meet some awesome longhorns. Here are our suggestions for a great org to join - no matter what you’re into.

The Co-op has been supporting students since 1896. One way that we fulfill this mission is by funding student organizations. We're thrilled to support student organizations like Longhorn Best Buddies, Texas THON,Texas Orange Jackets, Texas Pearls and many more! Learn more about student organization funding here > bit.ly/Funding2017


For the Environmentalist:

Beevo Beekeeping Society


Do you have an unnatural obsession with the Bee Movie?

Ever wonder what it’s like to suit up in full bee-keeper attire and be surrounded by thousands of bees?

Beevo Beekeeping may be for you!



"The Beevo Beekeeping Society is a place where students, faculty, and staff can learn about beekeeping practices and get hands on experience! Bees provide an invaluable, though often overlooked, service: pollination. Recently, Colony Collapse Disorder has pushed bees front and center, as agricultural ventures worldwide were faced with the loss of their most important pollinator. The University of Texas Beekeeping Society, also known as BEEVO, seeks to reinvest beekeeping to individuals. If more people keep bees, there’s more pollination, and more environmental sustainability."




For the Dancing Philanthropist:

Texas THON


Have you ever wanted to participate in a twelve hour dance marathon?

Do you want to help countless children and their families receive medical care?

Texas THON is the perfect place for you to let loose and serve others.


"Texas THON is a student-run philanthropy that raises funds and awareness for our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital, Dell Children's Medical Center. Here is a photo of our big event from 2016 of all of the Miracles we made with the help of our awesome Miracle Makers!"

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For the Artist:

Crafter's Circle


Do you have a dozen pinterest boards each dedicated to a different form of DIY?

Do your friends often refer to you as a grandma because of your fascination with all things knitting?

Look no further than Crafter's Circle, where you can meet others who share in your love of all things crafty.



"We are an organization dedicated to crafting of any sort. We focus on textile arts (crocheting, knitting, sewing, etc.) but also welcome any sort of art including painting and drawing. Our general meetings are very laid back and act as a time set apart from your week to focus on your craft and meet and chat with others also interested in crafting. Think of it like a knitting circle except knitting isn't the only craft we do! On general meeting days we do not have a planned craft for our members to work on. We will also bring supplies if you need it! On special days we will have events where we have a planned craft that people can make."






For the Charismatic Camper:

Camp Kesem


Have you always dreamed of being a summer camp counselor?

Are you passionate about helping young children through difficult times in their lives?

Look into Camp Kesem and find a fun atmosphere for a great cause.



"Camp Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, that supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer. A program of Kesem, Camp Kesem operates over 80 free summer camps in 38 states for children ages 6 to 16 who have been touched by a parent’s cancer. This camping experience has a lasting impact on children by providing them a peer-support network that understands their unique needs, builds confidence and strengthens their communication skills. In 2016, Camp Kesem served over 6,000 children coast-to-coast - all funded by generous donations from individuals, foundations, and corporate partners."





For the Orange Blooded:

UT Hellraisers


Do you get so HYPE for football games?

Do you dream of painting your body orange and screaming for hours on end?

The Longhorn Hellraisers are your perfect group to get loud and proud!



"The Longhorn Hellraisers are the Loudest and Proudest student org on the UT campus. Most people may recognize us as those crazy loud face painted fans in the stands at DKR, but more formally, we are a student org that serves to support all UT athletics by creating an exciting and winning environment. The group was founded in 1988 when football had finished their season 4-7, and spirit at the school was at an all time low. Two UT students saw a huge problem with this and made it their mission to give Texas Football the support they deserved. 29 years later we continue that tradition of supporting Texas Football, however, we dont just do football anymore. You can see us getting crazy in the stand at many other sporting events including volleyball, basketball, and soccer." 

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For the Athlete:

Texas Running Club


Do you believe that the best way to explore Austin is by foot?

Are you that one guy who gets up at 5 am to run every morning just for fun??

Join Texas Running Club, and find your people!



"Texas Running Club is an organization dedicated to gathering first time and experienced runners alike. We have 4 routes that each have a 3, 5, and 7 mile version, and we meet every Monday through Thursday at 5:15 pm in front of Gregory Gym. Besides evening runs, we do volunteer events and participate in local races. We also participate in Texas Independence Relay, a 200 mile relay from Gonzalez to Houston, which we consider to be the highlight of the semester. Finally, the club definitely has a family element to it, as one would expect based on all the time we spend together. If you are interested in making friends, staying in shape, and exploring Austin we encourage you to join us for a run!" 


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For the Big Hearted:

Best Buddies


Do you like hanging out with a wide variety of people who you can learn from?

Are you looking for a unique way to make friends and leave an impact on someone's life?

Best Buddies is the perfect way to make a difference with amazing people.



"Best Buddies is an international organization that works to break down the barrier between people with and without disabilities. Our UT students are matched with a community member with a disability in a one-to-one friendship. These pairs hang out together at our bimonthly events and outside of events! Our events range from holiday parties to bowling to scavenger hunts around campus, and everyone always has a great time! Most people think that our buddies are the ones getting the most out of this organization, but if you talk to any of our students, I guarantee you that they will tell you that the opposite is true!"






For the #girlboss:

Orange Jackets


Do you want to be surrounded by women who are super put together and all-around wonderful?

Are you looking for an opportunity to represent UT by exemplifyng service, leadership, and scholarship?

Look no further than Orange Jackets to shape your Longhorn career.


"Texas Orange Jackets is a women’s honorary service organization that seeks to better The University and the City of Austin, to empower women to be leaders in their respective communities, and to promote a lifelong pursuit of the three core tenets. Members of Texas Orange Jackets serve as official hosts for The University of Texas at Austin and are committed to three core values:

Service that is consistent, meaningful, and impactful,

Leadership that exhibits selflessness, passion, and dedication, and

Scholarship that encourages critical thought and diversity of perspective regarding societal issues. You can apply to be an Orange Jacket as a sophomore or junior and information about our recruitment process and our application (released August 1 and Feb 1) can be found on our website ojacket.org. We accept new classes of members each fall."

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For the Spirit and Service Oriented:

Alpha Phi Omega


Are you obessed with giant flags?

Do you want a chance to make great freinds and have new service opportunities each and every day?

Alpha Phi Omega is full of Longhorns just like you.


"Texas Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity that is centered on friendship, leadership, and service. Our mission is to carry out a full program of service to the members, student body, campus, city, and to the community. We are open to anyone, and we have opportunities to do service every day on and off campus, including few big events like running the biggest Texas flag at football games. In addition, the people you meet in this organization and the leadership experiences you gain last throughout and after college." 


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For the Legislative Longhorn:

UT Votes


Are you passionate about participating in the electoral system?

Do you want to spread awareness about issues and upcoming election cycles?

Join UT Votes and help shape more conscious citizens!



"UT Votes is a student organization at the University of Texas at Austin that invites students campus wide to increase electoral participation and create more voters and better citizens. Each election cycle, UT Votes, in partnership with the Annette Strauss Institute, organizes and coordinates Get Out the Vote activities including registration booths, deputization sessions, and campus competitions. During off election cycles, UT Votes educates the UT community and engages in respectful and civil discourse on important issues."


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For the Kid at Heart:

TESPA: Longhorn Gaming


Do you spend all your freetime playing the newest game you can get your hands on?

Do you want to be introduced to new games with people who share your passion?

Join Longhorn Gaming, and get ready to have fun!



"Longhorn Gaming is your place for gaming at UT! The flagship chapter of Tespa, we bring gamers of every level across all games together to hang out, play some games, even compete, and, of course, have fun!"






For the Sisterhood Seeker:

Texas Pearls

Are you looking for a group of down to earth girls to last far past college?

Does a perfect weekend to you consist of volunteering with your best friends?

Join Texas Pearls and find like-minded girls to spend your days with!



"The purpose of Texas Pearls is: to volunteer for various community events; to raise money for various charities; to introduce members to social activities; to develop mature, lasting friendships and leadership skills among its members; and to promote the University of Texas and the Austin community."






Just remember to branch out, try new things, and you'll find your perfect place on campus!