The 5 McConaugheys You Could Be for Halloween This Year

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The 5 McConaugheys You Could be for Halloween This Year

Hey Longhorns! Looking for costume inspiration this Halloween? We've got you covered! Here are 5 McConaugheys you could be for Halloween this year. We have the inspiration you're looking for and where to get them in our store. Take a look at ideas we have for you and make your costume Alright, Alright, Alright!



Photo from: Vanity Fair

1. Game Time McConaughey

Get field access to all of the footbal games with the Game Time McConaughey costume. Take a Longhorn shirt and cut the sleeves off with scissors. Find or create a field pass with a lanyard and a plastic badge and throw it around your neck. Now you're ready to be up close for the game action and be sure to snap photos with Longhorns at the game!

Texas Arch Comfort Wash Tee here

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2. Coach McConaughey

Every great team needs a great coach! Secure a Longhorn win with a burnt orange polo and match them with a pair of burnt orange shades. To top off the look with a McConaughey twist, add a signature cap with Alright, Alright, Alright so there is no question about who you are!

Photo from: Texas Exes

3. Professor McConaughey

We spotted Professor McConaughey on campus! Class is now in session so complete the look with a Longhorn tie and button-up to finish it off. Add any pair of glasses to the outfit and a pen and notebook as extra accessories.


Photo from: Vanity Fair

4. Cowboy McConaughey

If you love cowboys and Matthew McConaughey this one is for you! Grab a burnt orange Bevo Silhouette tee with a thick brown leather belt. Add a pair of dark shades and a cowboy hat to amplify the look. To really complete the look, add a pair of Longhorn boots!


Photo from: Newsweek

5. Pep Talk McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey can sure get the team pumped up for a game with his pep talks! Get your group hyped up with a grey Nike Dri-fit tee and a pair of dark shades to compliment the look. Pop a black cap on backwards and you're ready to go, that is key!

Nike Dri-fit Tee here

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We hope you enjoyed our picks for the 5 McConaugheys you could be for this Halloween! Different items can be mixed and matched with other products, so feel free to get creative and share your looks with us. All of the products listed can be found in store, so stop by to pick up your favorite McConaughey look for this Halloween!