The 10 Best Study Spots on Campus

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The 10 Best Study Spots on Campus


Whether it's midterm season, finals week, or just an average Tuesday, chances are you've got some studying to do. If you're tired of sitting in your twin XL pretending your roommate's music isn't bothering you, here are some great options for an on-campus study sesh.

1. Life Science Library

Where to find it: The second floor of the Main building.

The Life Science Library feels very ~collegiate~. It's super quiet, has plenty of tables and chairs, and the perfect ambiance to get you in the studying mindset.


2. College of Liberal Arts Patio

Where to find it: Behind CLA

The outdoor seating behind CLA can't be beat when the weather is nice. There are plenty of (small) tables and chairs, a low noise-level, and an open, modern vibe.


3. The Union

Where to find it: Try the Presidential Lounge or the seats along windows on the upper floors.

 The Union has some of the best chairs on campus. Stake out a great spot, and you can stay for hours. 


4. FAC

Where to find it: First floor of the FAC right next to the Union.

The FAC is a popular study spot, and for a good reason. There is tons of natural light, great space for group study, and comfortable furniture.


5. Norman Hackerman Building

Where to find it: Near Welch, indoors or outdoors

The Norman Hackerman Building is open and bright, and the views from the balcony are breathtaking. Fair warning: the balcony is best for reading or laptop work, as there aren't tables available.


6. Holland Family Student Center

Where to find it: First floor of JGB, across from SAC

This is a lesser-known spot on campus, partly because of its location in the geoscience building. There is a great coffee shop, comfortable seating, and some pretty cool rocks to look at.


7. SAC

Where to find it: Multiple great spots in the SAC; we recommend the second floor

Pro: It always smells like Chick-fil-a

Con: It always smells like Chick-fil-a


8. South Mall

Where to find it: Across from the tower, in the center of the six-pack

If you don't mind sitting on grass, the South Mall is a great study spot. It's beautiful, peaceful, and the tower view is great Longhorn motivation.


9. Architecture Library

Where to find it: Battle Hall

This library gives off some serious Harry Potter vibes. Pretend you're in Hogwarts and get to work!


10. Empty classrooms

Where to find it: Any (unoccupied) classroom on campus

This one can be a little risky, so be prepared to pack up if anyone has the room reserved. But after peak class hours, most rooms are left unlocked and unoccupied. They can be a great space for group projects, just be courteous and leave the room as you find it.


Good luck on your studies!

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