Tips for decorating your TX / OU cooler

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Tips for decorating your TX / OU cooler 


It's that time of year again for Texas Longhorns to reflect on how much OU sucks. Many college students decorate coolers for this joyous occasion. The Co-op has lots of items to help fully swag out your cooler. Enjoy our step by step TX/OU cooler decoration process below. 


You will need paint! TheCo-op Art Store has a HUGE selection of paint, paint pens, and paint brushes. They are located on the drag at 2242 Guadalupe. 


You will need a cooler. Make sure it has wheels! 


Start by drawing out your designs with pencil. 


Now it's time to add paint. 


We recommend adding a football field to the top of the cooler. 





Now it's time to add yard lines. We recommend using a ruler to measure out. A pencil will help line things up. 



Pro tip* - When adding letters start with the middle letter in the word to make sure things are centered. 



Paint pens are awesome for adding detailed lettering! 


Adding a Texas flag is always a good idea!


Instead of a Texas Star we decided to add a bottle opener. 


Apply a heavy duty glue to make sure things last through the weekend. 



Burnt Orange stripes are another great look. 


The Co-op has a huge selection of stickers, decals, car emblems and figurines to help reach new levels of decoration. You can shop for them HERE!









You can't go wrong adding a few koozies to your cooler (Don't forget the heavy duty glue). Shop our koozie selection HERE


If you REALLY want your cooler to stand out we recommend using our "Small Wrist Pom"as spinners. Wrap the elastic band around the wheel to secure. Shop for our Small Wrist Poms HERE!


We finished our cooler off with a flag, pom poms and ribbon. 



Gotta love TX / OU weekend!