Invitation and Announcement Etiquette

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May 14, 2021 12:00:50 PM PDT May 14, 2021 12:00:50 PM PDTth, May 14, 2021 12:00:50 PM PDT

Even if you don't want to attend commencement, your family will want to hear about your achievement!



Invitations should be mailed out early enough to arrive at least 2 weeks before the graduation ceremony. We recommend, for those graduating students who have family and friends traveling from out of town, to mail out the invitations earlier if possible.

It's a great idea to send your visiting family and friends tips for getting around Austin.



Announcements are another great option for students who won’t be participating in their ceremony or who prefer not to have a big celebration in Austin. Announcements may be mailed out at any time and are frequently sent out later in the semester.

We’ll include directions for putting together your invitations with your order. Here are tips for addressing your invitations:



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