15 Awesome Texas Longhorn Tattoos

3/16/2018 10:38 amUniversity Co-op

15 Awesome Texas Longhorn Tattoos 


These fans are serious about reppin the Texas Longhorns!

Enjoy these 15 awesome tattoos. 





(photo: hartandhuntingtonorlando)


(photo: Josh Buckaloo) 


( photo: Rose of No Man's Land Tattoo and Piercing) 


(photo: @blissfultorments)


(photo: @ta2s_by_rudy


Always a crowd favorite! (@longhornluketx)  


(photo: @alanlee2274) 


Longhorn Olympian Ricky Berens


(photo: penelope in My Pocket - Beth Snider, Artist)


(photo: @tattoosbydrete) 


(photo: Robert Cuevas) 


(photo: Charles Langfield)