Tips for Freshmen

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June 23, 2021 9:35:43 AM PDT June 23, 2021 9:35:43 AM PDTrd, June 23, 2021 9:35:43 AM PDT

Check out these top 5 tips for incoming freshmen!

Stay Hydrated!

·      We live in Texas and the sun doesn't play here! So make sure you have a go-to water bottle right from the start. Your water bottle becomes your emotional support best friend as a college student and an extension of your personality! So have fun with it, decorate it if you want, just choose one that you like and that works for your lifestyle.


Campus is BIG, so remember to map your way around

·      There's nothing worse than trying to make it to class and you have no idea where you are or like me, you might end up in the wrong room, in the wrong building, across campus on the first day of class. So make sure to check your class schedule and simply use your maps app. I prefer Google Maps, because you can directly type in the three letter acronym of any building on campus and it will tell you where to go and how long the walk is!

Stay up to date, use a calendar

·      College is no joke, there’s so much going on every day and nobody to remind you of them! So take matters into your own hands and try using a calendar or planner. Personally, I recommend using Google Calendar! Sign-in through your UT Mail account so everything is in one place and start throwing in all your class meeting times and locations as well as any athletic events or org meetings that you are planning on going to. Or if you need to write things down get a physical planner! The Co-op has so many options for what planner works best for you. The key to success is stay organized and not get overwhelmed by your to-do list!

Slow down, you have 4 years

·      As a Texas Longhorn, you are now a member of an amazing community that can give you endless opportunities! But don't feel the need to do everything at once. Join a couple of orgs, or maybe get an internship or part-time job, just remember you can try them out for a semester, and then see if you want to stay or move on to bigger and better next time. An excessive workload can burn you out early on, so just remember to pace yourself!

Connect with each other, office hours do matter

·      I'm sure y'all already know this but I'll remind you again, here at THE University of Texas at Austin, we are lucky to house world class faculty and staff! The best way to expand your network, besides going to class and making friends, is going to office hours with your professors! Building a relationship early on with your professors is vital as you go through college. It leads to so many opportunities such as possible job opportunities, amazing letters of recommendation, and of course extra help in the course! I promise it's not as scary as it seems, and once you meet with them once the next time is even easier.

Most importantly, Hook 'Em!