10 Important Career Fair Tips

10 Important Career Fair Tips

01/24/2016 0

10 Important Career Fair Tips



1. Dress for success

You know the saying - “You only have one chance to make a first impression”. No jeans, t-shirts or revealing clothing - Business casual or better. We have a few options below to get your outfits ideas going.


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2. Have your resume ready to go

Make sure you have a resume ready to hand out. You’ll want a folder or padfolio to hold onto everything. We have a lot of options online HERE!


3. Research companies you are interested in

Recruiters know when you did homework. They want employees that are excited about the mission of their company and that can add value. Ask questions that show you did research about the company. A few searches online can go a long way.


4. Stand apart

Keep in mind recruiters will be talking to hundreds of prospective employees. Dig deep and figure out something that makes you unique. Talk about career accomplishments or tell a unique story. Just dropping off your resume and saying ‘hi’ isn’t going to cut it.


5. Be ready to talk about yourself

 Think of a career fair as a bunch of mini interviews. You should develop a statement about your background, experiences and what would make you a great part of their company.


6. Make sure to follow up

 All recruiters should have business cards with contact information. Make sure to follow up a few days after the career fair with a thank you note and a digital copy of your resume.


7. Take notes

When recruiters talk about the company make sure to record info that interests and excites you. This will come in handy when following up and future interviews with the company. .


8. Be enthusiastic

Your attitude speaks volumes about you. Recruiters want to see you’re hungry for challenges and excited about their company.


9. Arrive early

One additional way to stand apart is to arrive before the huge crowds. It will be difficult to find one on one time with hundreds of people around.


10. Develop a game plan

Find 2-3 companies that you are really interested in. This will help with research and confidence. You can even tailor your resume to reflect job opportunities within those organizations.


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