10 Things Every Longhorn Needs for Their First Year at UT

10 Things Every Longhorn Needs for Their First Year at UT

07/14/2015 0

10 Things Every Longhorn Needs For Their First Year At UT 

1. Water bottle 

The average temperature in Austin during the first few weeks of class is 94 degrees. Walks to class can be a challenge. Having a full water bottle could save your life. 

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2. Longhorn t-shirt

Every Friday before GameDay is “Burnt Orange Friday”. You’ll learn more about that later this summer. Just make sure you have a few Burnt Orange t-shirts to choose from.

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3. GameDay Boots

You will quickly learn that boots are a must have on GameDay! They add a few inches and complete any Longhorn outfit.

(photo: @maddyhillphotographics)

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4. Longhorn Car Emblem

You must let everyone know you bleed Burnt Orange! This is especially important if you are from a city with a lot of aggies or sooners. 

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5. Longhorn sunglasses.

Chances are you’re going to have classes on Friday (the struggles of being a freshman). You’ll want to make sure you have glasses to protect your tired eyes from the sun.

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6. Longhorn Flag

Make sure everyone that comes to your dorm / apartment / house knows how big of a Longhorn fan you are. (Especially when your aggie friends come to visit)

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7. An Uber account

Gone are the days when you need to make friends with someone based solely on the fact that they have a car. For $7 you can be downtown in 5 minutes.


8. Longhorn backpack 

You'll need a stylish way to carry your books, school supplies and workout clothes. 

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9. Longhorn Coffee Mug 

You will quickly learn that coffee is your best friend in college! 

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10. Longhorn Headphones 

Nothing says leave me alone like a pair of headphones. These Longhorn headphones are guaranteed to help you keep your focus in the library and eliminate pesky distractions on the way to class.

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