10 Tips Every UT Freshman Needs To know!

10 Tips Every UT Freshman Needs To know!

06/07/2016 0

10 Tips every UT Freshman needs to know!


1. Say hi to people in your classes! Everyone is looking to meet new people during the first week of class. Also - those Google docs will come in handy at the end of the semester.



2. Walk to your classes ahead of time. Nothing is more awkward than sitting in a class for 15 minutes than leaving after you realize you’re in the wrong class. 


3. Order your textbooks early. Save yourself time and stress by ordering your textbooks before classes start.


4. Make sure to stay active. The freshman 15 is all too real!


5. Own an umbrella. Texas weather is crazy. It will be nice one hour and a hurricane the next!



6. Practice good study habits from the start. Waiting till the end of the semester to study is a rough experience for any Longhorn.


7. Break up with your high school sweetheart before getting to UT. jk, but those relationships can be stressful ;)


8. Buy UT's “Big Ticket”. You will get access to almost every Texas Longhorn sporting event!


9. Buy Burnt Orange! You will need Burnt Orange t-shirts for lots of different occasions. We have hundreds of options!


10. Join a UT student organization! Joining one is an awesome way to meet new friends and get involved in the community. 


BONUS: Make sure to join our #UT20 Facebook page for giveaways and info! 

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