30 Phases of the Texas VS Kansas State Game, As Told Through Gifs

30 Phases of the Texas VS Kansas State Game, As Told Through Gifs

10/26/2015 0

30 Phases of the Texas VS Kansas State Game, As Told Through Gifs

by Mary Machalec



1. You wake up and remember it’s GAMEDAY



2. Nothing can bring you down!


3. Then you remember that it’s an 11am game, and realize how deathly early it is


4. But you manage to make it out of bed and get a cup of coffee


5. Awakened by caffeine, you check the weather only to realize there’s 100% chance of rain all day


6. But no worries! It’s just the perfect time to break out your poncho!


7. All decked out, you begin to walk to the game


8. You feel like a loyal super-fan, braving the storm to cheer on the team in battle


9. The game starts and the boys are straight up KILLIN IT


10. And your poncho is doing mad work to keep you dry


11. Suddenly you realize it’s the second quarter and you haven’t even had a beer


12. You don’t even care that it’s technically still the morning


13. You’re having a grand ole time but then suddenly….the rain sets in


14. You begin to wonder why you thought coming to the game would be a good idea


15. You just want to cry and crawl back into bed


16. But then you think: "Would Matthew McConaghuey leave the game?"


17. So like a true Longhorn fan, you rally like a champ and decide to stay


18. Halftime comes and the tribute to Bevo XIV almost makes you cry


19. Good thing no one can tell because it’s raining so hard


20. The second half starts and you can’t believe we’ve been winning the whole time


21. By this point you’re used to the rain 


22. You’ve resorted to dancing to stay warm


23. You’re question why you ever thought the sun and heat was a bad thing 


24. But then suddenly the seconds tick down and the game is over


25. You can’t believe you made it to the end 


26. You’ve never felt more like a true fan


27. And when you sing the eyes of Texas you hold your horns up especially high


28.You can now add “Ability to Withstand a Hurricane” to your resume


29. Emotionally and physically exhausted, you trek back to your dorm/apartment/house to crash for the rest of the day and revel in another Longhorn win


30. And when you saw the tower lit up orange, well, all was right in the world.

(photo: www.imagesfromtexas.com)


Thanks to everyone who cheered on our Texas Longhorns in the rain!!!