5 Questions with Criquet Co Founder Billy Nachman

5 Questions with Criquet Co Founder Billy Nachman

08/17/2015 0

5 Questions with Criquet Co-Founder Billy Nachman

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The new Longhorn football season brings new Burnt Orange Game Day clothing into the University Co-op! We are pleased to announce that local Austin brand Criquet will be joining the party! Criquet designs collared shirts that combine "old-school pretty with more sustainable design choices". We recently sat down with Co-Founder Billy Nachman to learn more about the company. 


1. What inspired you to come up with Criquet?

Hobson and I have known each other since we were 5 years old and grew up wearing polo shirts.  Over time, we both gravitated towards the classic 4-button placket, golf shirts that Jack and Arnie used to wear back in the day.  These were the shirts that you might have found in your grandfathers closet or in a bin at your favorite thrift store.  No one was currently making this style of shirt, so we felt that there was an opportunity to make a better version of the shirt and build a brand around it. Criquet is an Austin-based, golf and lifestyle brand, offering classically styled clothing for the forward-thinking guy.  


2. What makes Criquet shirts special?

All of our Players Shirts feature removable collar stays (No Bacon Collar!), super soft 100% Organic Cotton, and an Austin, TX soul.  The shirts are versatile enough to wear on the course, at your favorite 19th hole, to the office or at the Saturday Longhorn Tailgate.  

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Here's a look at the Burnt Orange Game Day Criquet polo sure to make all your Longhorn friends jealous! (shop here)


3. Why the name Criquet? 

We believe that the sound of the Criquet takes us all back to a time and place in our lives, whether it be memories of a childhood camp, summers at the shore, evenings on the ranch, or afternoons on the green.   Its a reminder to slow down, take in your surroundings, and enjoy life!

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4. Why Austin? 

I moved to Austin 8 years ago and I have not  looked back.  Hobson and his family moved here 6 years ago, after we came up with the concept for the brand.  At the time (and in hindsight) there seemed like no better place to grow Criquet.  It's a fast growing, small(ish) city that has a unique global brand.  It has a spirit and soul which can be hard-to-define yet you know it because you FEEL it.  It is a hub for creativity and design and is very supportive of the entrepreneurial spirit.  If there was ever a city that captured the spirit of the 19th hole, it would be Austin, TX.  Ohh… and it also happens to be the home to one of the country's great institutions of higher education, The University of Texas.  

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5. What is your favorite thing about being headquartered in Austin?

Besides the cold beers, killer bbq, live music, Saturday tailgates, Barton Springs, SXSW, Alamo Drafthouse, the Greenbelt, the Broken Spoke, great golf, and the best customer base that a Texas lifestyle brand could ask for?  Of course its UT.  Hook'em!  


Shop the new Burnt Orange Game Day Criquet Polo HERE! 

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