5 reasons to buy your textbooks from the University Co-op

5 reasons to buy your textbooks from the University Co-op

08/25/2015 0

5 reasons to buy your textbooks from the University Co-op. 


Buying textbooks can be a real pain for Longhorns. We feel you. Full disclosure - we make better margins on clothes than we do on textbooks. The high prices come from publishers. With that being said we are constantly working to make your textbook buying experience better and cheaper. Here are 5 reasons why buying your textbooks from us makes the most sense. 


1. We offer rentals! 

Renting your textbooks makes things A LOT cheaper.

"The Cosmic Perspective"

Used book price: $92.75

Used rental price: $23.10 

We work to offer rental options for as many books as possible. 


2. We offer rebates! 

Students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin are eligible for a rebate on all their purchases from the University Co-op. At the end of the school year, the Co-op Board of Directors will determine the amount of the rebate. For the past decade, the rebate has been 10% of the total receipts turned in. Full rebate info can be found HERE


3. We offer price comparison shopping! 

Our price compare system will show you the Co-op's price for each book as well as options that are available from online sources including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Half.com and many others. It'll also show you rental & digital options if available. You can compare prices and choose which to order. Start comparison shopping HERE


4. We are a non-profit organization! 

The University Co-op’s giving back to the university dates back to 1911 when the young organization contributed $10,000 to complete the construction of the Gregory gym. Since then the Co-op has been a major benefactor on campus for projects large and small, in amounts ranging from $20 to $1,000,000. All your purchases make this funding possible. 


5. We are convenient!

We want to make the textbook buying process as easy as possible. You can order your books online and pick them up in-store. No more searching the basement.


Start your textbook buying process HERE or stop by the Main Co-op! Remember, we're here to help!