A Review of the 2015 Texas Longhorn Nike Pre-Season Collection

A Review of the 2015 Texas Longhorn Nike Pre-Season Collection

06/16/2015 0

"The biggest reason I like the Nike Pre-Season collection is because it means football season is coming soon." - Mark W., manager of the Online Department (and proud die-hard Longhorn fan!)

We polled the Co-op team to see what uber-Longhorn fans had to say about the new Nike collection that has just arrived.  See what they had to say and which styles stand out as must-haves for the upcoming season!

See something you love? Don't wait to get it!  The Nike Pre-Season collection doesn't last long!


The Texas Longhorn Nike Team Issue Polo

Modeled by Co-op staff member, David!  Available in burnt orange or white - this Longhorn polo is most likely to be seen worn by the Texas Longhorn football players on the sideline.

Texas Longhorn Nike PreSeason Team Issue Polo

Why we love this polo: The two-tone color blocking looks sharp, a stand out from other burnt orange polos in your closet. As always - we love Nike's Dri-Fit technology - this polo is cool, lightweight, and comfortable - a must-have for those Texas summers!

Where you should wear this: A first date at Peter Pan Mini Golf - don't forget to grab a cone at Sandy's afterwards.

"Don't wear the white version on football game days, but it's perfect for any other occasion." - Mark W.


The Texas Longhorn Nike Coaches Pre-Season Polo

We expect to see Coach Strong sporting this look this summer.

Why we love this polo: Mostly, because some of our favorite people (coaches!) wear this. We absolutely love the combination of burnt orange, gray, and black in this year's Coaches polo. The versatile color combo also gives you some options when "accessorizing" (aka, choosing your cap). We love this Nike polo paired with a charcoal gray Nike cap or a burnt orange cap.

Where you should wear this: Anywhere during the summer or fall. The Nike Dri-Fit will keep you cool while looking sharp.


The Texas Longhorn Nike Stadium Performance Polo - one of our favorites!

Texas Longhorn Nike Stadium Performance Polo

Why we love this polo: Last year's Texas Longhorn Nike polo featuring these burnt orange stripes was one of our fastest selling polos. Longhorn fans love this look - and for good reason, this polo looks sharp - it's the perfect look for young Longhorns walking through the 40 acres, or for the distinguished alumni golfing in the summer. This Nike polo is the only Pre Season polo featuring "Texas"' on the chest.

Where you should wear this: This is Mark's top pick for wearing to the first football game - UT vs. Rice on September 12th. The temperature is always in the high 80s, so you'll need something cool and comfortable.


Texas Longhorn Nike Stadium Cotton Pique Polo - The secret must-have from the Nike Pre-Season Collection.

Perhaps by popular demand, Nike has finally released a classic burnt orange cotton polo! Our collection of die-hard Longhorns feel that this is THE must-have of the Nike Pre-Season collection.

Texas Longhorn Nike Pre-Season Cotton Polo

Why we love it: The cotton fabric!! This burnt orange polo is the classic must-have, made of 100% soft and breathable cotton. The classic Longhorn and of course, the Nike swoosh make this a classic addition to your wardrobe.

“I really like this one - Nike hasn’t had a classic cotton polo version like this in awhile.”  - Mark W. We're excited that Nike has added this back to their collection -- get it before it's gone!


Texas Longhorn Nike Football Practice Tee with the Texas Longhorn Nike Fly Short 3.0

Texas Longhorn Nike Football Practice Tee
Texas Longhorn Nike Fly Short 3.0

“Nothing really needs to said about this shirt- it says it with “Texas Football”. If you don’t understand that then you shouldn’t be wearing this shirt.” - Mark

Why we love this tee: The Nike Practice Tee is worn by the football players each year - you'll see this on some of your favorites this year. The Texas Football slogan is a great way to show your excitement for kickoff as you begin planning your tailgate parties. The Burnt Orange and Black versions are made of 100% cotton with an athletic cut. They are also available in oxford gray with a regular-fit polyester blend - if you are craving that "performance fabric" feel.

About the shorts:  The Nike Fly Shorts are a best-seller every season. They are made with Dri-Fit performance fabric to keep you cool and comfortable, this year's 3.0 version have been updated and feature special venting panels on the backs of your legs to keep you cool and dry.

Best use: Wear these Fly Shorts next time you are shooting some hoops with your friends, or jogging at Lady Bird Lake.


Texas Longhorn Nike Hook'em "Local" Tee with the Texas Longhorn Nike Dri-Fit Practice Fly Shorts

Texas Longhorn Nike Dri-Fit Practice Shorts

Why we love this: This tee is one of Nike's Dri-Fit tees - which will keep you cool and comfortable and it's more versatile than a cotton tee.  Die hard Longhorns will wear this to the gym or trekking across campus.  We also love the Hook 'em slogan that all Longhorns love.  This tee is available in burnt orange or white. The Nike Dri-Fit Practice shorts remind of us of a pro sports team with the Longhorns running down the leg.

"The Hook 'em phrase is the fastest way to identify yourself to other Longhorns as a true Longhorn fan. I was in Chicago at a Cubs game and throughout the game, four different people saw my Longhorn shirt and just walked by shouting 'Hook ‘em." -Mark

Why you need this: So you'll never feel alone in a foreign land. 


The Texas Longhorn Nike Legend Tee with the Texas Longhorn Epic Mesh Shorts

Texas Longhorn Nike Legend Tee
Nike Texas Longhorn Epic Mesh Shorts

Why we love this tee:  The name excites us! The Nike Legend tee is a staple each football season - featuring a subtly artistic football silhouette and our favorite icon. This tee is made with Nike's Dri-Fit technology for a great price - there is a reason this is one of our annual best-sellers at the Co-op!

What sets these shorts apart? Pockets! Pair that with Nike Dri-Fit technology, what's not to love?


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