Baby Bevo

Happy Birthday, Baby Bevo!

01/30/2017 0

Happy Birthday, Baby Bevo!

Our newest mascot just turned two! 

Baby Bevo, more technically known as Bevo XV, debuted last semester at the 2016 season opener against Notre Dame. His predecessor, Bevo XIV presided over 100+ victories, and we’re hopeful Baby Bevo will witness that and more. Let’s take a look at all Bevo XV has accomplished so far.


Bevo was born January 24, 2015 on Sunrise Ranch in Liberty Hill. Betty and John T. Baker, the owners of the ranch, who also raised Bevo XIII and XIV, named him Sunrise Spur.




In October of 2015, when Bevo XIV died mid-season of bovine Leukemia, Bevo handler Ricky Brennes began the search for his successor. Thousands of owners began sending in images of their steers, from states across the nation. Brennes personally met hundreds of candidates, but decided ultimately he did not want to rush this crucial decision.


Months later, Sunrise Spur was just entering his first contest, the 2015 Holiday Extravaganza, where he emerged as the Junior Champion against 25 other steers. He went on to place highly in multiple other competitions, which drew the attention of Brennes.




Sunrise Spur exemplified all of the qualities Brennes was looking for in Bevo XV. He was from Texas, young, orange in color, and most importantly: he had a calm, approachable disposition. 

The decision was made, Sunrise Spur made the perfect Bevo, making his first appearance in the 2016 football season - almost a full year after Bevo XIV’s death.




When Bevo XV made his debut last September, fans went wild. While much smaller, and years younger than Bevo XIV, fans loved him and rooted for him all the same. Many even drew a comparison between the young Bevo and the young football team, saying they would grow and mature together to become stronger than ever before.


The Silver Spurs, the student handlers of Bevo, want Bevo XV to be recognized as the most charitable mascot in the country. Bevo is the face of the Neighborhood Longhorns, a program that reaches out to elementary school children to encourage college attendance. 




The University Co-op is proud to support the Silver Spurs Alumni Association and Neighborhood Longhorns. Proceeds of the following products directly benefit these organizations.


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Baby Bevo owns our hearts! If you're a fanatic like us, shop our favorite Bevo gear here.

Bevo XV will certainly go down in history as one of the cutest Longhorns.

Here’s hoping he’ll also preside over many historic wins! 


Texas Fight!


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