Coming Back From Break as told by Dwight Schrute

Coming Back From Break as told by Dwight Schrute

01/11/2016 0

Coming Back From Winter Break as told by Dwight Schrute


by Mary-Cate Machalec


Realizing that you get to move out of your parent’s house and have total freedom again


But then realizing that means you’ll have to cook all your own meals again


Which will probably just end up being fast food and alcohol


When you remember that you have an 8am this semester


And your professor is known to take attendance


Which means you can never sleep in, ever


When someone reminds you this is your last semester before graduation


And asks you what your plans are post-graduation


Realizing Christmas is a long gone distant dream and won’t be back around for 350 days


When you look at your tuition bill


But most of all, realizing that even with all the bad things, you still get to be reunited with your besties and that’s all that really matters



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