Finals Week as Told by Star Wars

Finals Week as Told by Star Wars

12/02/2015 0

Finals Week as Told by Star Wars 

by Mary-Cate Machalec


Finals: The Fear Awakens


It finally hits you how close finals week is


You go to your professor’s review session, but you’re sitting in the audience like:


You try to study at the PCL, but it’s beyond crowded and someone’s taken your favorite study spot


You put off studying by calculating what you have to make on the final to pass the class


You study so much that personal hygiene becomes a low priority


And then you realize your final is cumulative…


And somehow everything becomes more fun than studying, including cleaning your bathroom and doing laundry


You meet up with your study group, but they don’t know anything either


You start becoming philosophical about being a student


Go to college, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.


You’ve studied so much you can’t even pretend to care anymore


Then your roommate busts out the tough love on you?


And all you want to do is cry


But then you finally see your bed…


You begin to think you’ve studied enough


And then you walk into your first final….


Your professor hands out the test and all that’s running through your mind is:


And you know your professor is thinking:


But suddenly you’re done and you walk out of your last final like:


You survived finals week, and a whole month of freedom awaits you


And you finally make it home for Christmas break


Good luck with finals, Longhorns, and



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