How to Style Comfort Colors in Any Weather

How to Style Comfort Colors for Any Weather

02/17/2017 0

How to Style Comfort Colors for Any Weather

Here in Texas, the weather changes hourly. Figuring out what to wear when it's 40° in the morning and 80° by noon can a challenge. In these crazy times it's best to fall back on the one who never disappoints: the comfort colors t-shirt. They're soft, they're easy, and long enough to get away with wearing leggings for pants. 

Here are our favorite ways to jazz up your old t-shirt and make it work for every season.



Texas Arch T-Shirt

In reality, we're lucky if we get a week of "spring" in Texas. Most years, it seems we just skip straight to Summer. But when it comes, Springtime is perfect for your favorite skirt - in this outfit we dressed it down with a super cute berry comfort colors tee. 


Tropical Tank | Shorts | Water Bottle | Cap

Ah, Summer. It's hot, it's humid, but you're out of classes - so there's not too much to complain about. Beat the heat with a comfort colors tank. Pair with some cute shorts, a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes, and, of course, a water bottle (seriously - don't forget to hydrate!).


Tropical Leaves Steer Tee

Fall is the perfect time to layer, layer, layer.  Walking in and out of the shade could prompt a 20° change - so you never know exactly how cold you'll be. Throw on some jeans, add our favorite comfort colors steer tee, and finish it off with a cozy sweater.


Texas Crew Sweatshirt | Knit Beanie

Maybe we don't have to deal with snow, or regular below-freezing temperatures, but for a few months out of the year it gets cold! Cozy up with a comfort colors sweatshirt. Add some fleece-lined leggings, a beanie, and some cute socks, and you're ready to brave the outdoors.


Now you're ready to rock your favorite t-shirt any time of year.

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