Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby: Truth

Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby: Truth

11/04/2015 0

Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby: Truth 



I have a friend that once told me: 90% of the world would rather live in a lie than know the truth because you actually have to deal with the TRUTH! My opinion – and what I see as the truth - about the extremely inconsistent Longhorn team is that they aren't a lost cause they just need to regroup and and get their mind right!

I have always agreed with hall of fame coach Gene Stallings when he said football games are won by football players making football plays. Yes, coaches need to help put them into positions for success and yes, there is always room for improvement. However, football is a very emotional game. In Ames there was no emotion in the game or pregame. I'm not sure the guys on the team realize how quickly their football life will be over. You have to play this game as if it will end tomorrow! It’s a dangerous game and it really can end at any moment. You can have a great college career and it can end when college ends.

When I look at this team, there seems to be a lot more important things than football. When I was in college, I focused on two things – football and college (my plan B). When I wasn't studying, I was watching film. When I wasn't watching film, I was studying the game plan or calling Colt to see what he felt about plays for the week. Sometimes I would even call coaches to get their opinions so we were all on the same page. I felt an obligation to win for our fans and coaches for believing in me and giving me the chance to play at UT. I’m not sure how much football means to the team as a whole. Yes, I know it means a lot to some, but as a whole I'm just not sure. There seem to be so many other things – cell phones, girls, life – that’s getting in the way of their focus.

I believe in the guys more than most, but even now I have concerns. I played the game trying to make BCS games during my time because I didn't know if there was a next level. I wanted to live that life and accomplish all my goals. Actions will always speak louder than words. The action, in my opinion, that needs to be taken at this point is looking in the mirror. I wouldn't be mad if Coach Strong started all new guys this week; not because I don’t believe in a lot of the starters, but because there needs to be guys on the field who want it and play like they do. I don’t want to see someone make a tackle down 21 points and beat their chest. I want to see someone make a tackle to not get down by 21. I need the guy who shows passion and maybe even gets a penalty from it. I want to see it in their eyes! A fast start and big plays mean a lot and sets a tone.

In closing, if it doesn't mean enough, which is fine, (the NFL didn't mean enough to me once I got there, so I was ready to move on to the next phase of my life) focus on something that does mean enough. If you want to be a Longhorn, don’t just say it, be a Longhorn! Actions speak louder than words. Make it as important as your coaches, fans and Lettermen did and do. The standard is very high and we wouldn't have it any other way. Not just for football, but for life. Get the culture back to where it needs to be! Lead by action and example! No more talk needed, just plays!


(Cover photo cred: Emily Blobaum/Iowa State Daily)