Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby - Week 10

Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby - Week 10

11/13/2015 0

Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby - Week 10



Hey Longhorn fans! I'm back with a recap of UT vs Kansas and a look forward to tomorrow's game vs WVU! 


The game on Saturday was very exciting. I felt the energy we have all wanted. It was similar to the Oklahoma game from an energy perspective. It didn't start at the stadium though. From the second I got to the University Co-op, fans were flowing in, supporting and visiting. Even though people were shopping in large numbers, I still feared the stadium attendance after the tough loss at Iowa State. The fans did show up and they were very loud from the moment the parachuters flew in. It was great to have so many fans in the stadium during the emotional My All American and UT Legend Freddie Steinmark acknowledgment. Kudos to the great fans who came and showed amazing support. Times like these separate the real fans for sure. We love to hate the SEC (BELIEVE ME I DO), but win or lose they go to the games and tailgate to support. We are Texas and should do the same.

My biggest take away on the field was our ability to throw deep. There has been lots of criticism about passing game and the ability to throw. I think they were silenced after Saturday. The problem with showing you are capable is now doing it consistently. The second quarter was sort of a lull. Kansas started making a few plays. I wasn't worried. I was more interested to see how the guys would respond and get back into the driver’s seat, which they did and had a real big second half.

Foreman continues to impress after another 100 plus yard game. He showed some “get there” speed on the long touchdown. I really would love for him to get more carries.

The most impressive bounce back was Heard. This was his best game in my opinion. Winners don’t pacify criticism; they take it and go try to prove it wrong.

I had the luxury of going to Morgantown a couple of years ago for the night overtime game. It was weird at first to see people drinking beer in a college stadium, but that clearly won’t be shocking anymore thanks to Miller Coors of Austin. I once said Lubbock was one of the hardest places to play in the Big 12, but after that day and night, it changed to West Virginia. I don’t see Tech fans shutting down hospital parking lots for tailgating. When I asked a fan about it he said, “Don’t get sick on game day haha”.

There is nothing in Morgantown. The entire state rolls in for the game, fills the stadium up and thousands more are in the parking lot. The craziest thing about it all was when they scored they tossed people up in the air while celebrating. Then you add the beer in the stadium factor and it really blows my mind. It’s a tough place to play for sure and with all the Big 12 teams struggling on the road, Texas will have their work cut out for them.

If UT shows up inspired, passionate, and pissed at the haters they can play with anyone. They match up with West Virginia well, especially on paper. It goes back to what I said about the impressive balanced attack we saw last weekend - consistently going deep, testing defenses vertically, keeping Foreman and the running game rolling and imposing their will on the defensive line. Run game to me is a mindset. If it’s a flat out dog fight go make it happen.

There is a sign in the football building I have always taken to heart – “You have to be consistently good to be great.” It’s time to work towards being consistently good so the Longhorns can have a great finish to the season.



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