Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby - Week 11

Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby - Week 11

11/20/2015 0

Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby - Week 11

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Hey Texas Longhorn fans! I'm back with a recap of UT vs WVU, and a look forward to next week's game vs Texas Tech! 


The biggest problem with the loss in West Virginia was the turnovers. It has been said several times - If you don’t take care of the ball, you don’t give yourself a chance to win. This team has had road game struggles. On Saturday they had better energy out-rushing their opponent and maybe even had more passing yards. In certain ways, the team can’t get out of their own way, which happens in growing pain type seasons. The team needs to watch the film close, learn and make progress. Foreman continues to impress! We just need to continue to put a balanced attack together and get our own takeaways from a defensive standpoint. Sucks they still lost, however I did see growth and progress.


Texas and Texas Tech have played for a long time. I think Texas has played them better than anyone. The Longhorns are in a must-win situation. I think they match up well against Tech. They need to go out and win on senior night. Tech always has good numbers on the offensive side and struggles stopping the run on defense. I think this plays into the Texas game plan.



1. Favorite Thanksgiving memory?

My favorite sports Thanksgiving memory was the time we met as a team and guys would tell what they were thankful for - lots of emotions involved and appreciation; things being put into perspective as well as remembering where you came from is vital not just in sports, but life. The times we did this as a team brought out our best.


2. Do you miss playing A&M?

I do miss playing A&M. Even before I liked Texas or considered them as my school, I grew up watching that Thanksgiving game. You just never know how it would turn out, (although Texas OWNS THE SERIES). For the fans, the hate is real, because we meet OU in Dallas this was the one fun home and away rivalry with plenty of character.


3. Favorite food on Thanksgiving?

My favorite Thanksgiving food would be all of the above ha. I like ham, not a big turkey guy. I’ve eaten so many amazing dishes growing up in a big family; it’s impossible to name one. My favorite dessert would be my aunt’s cream cheese bars. My good friends in east Texas (the Coopers) have blessed me with some tasty desserts as well. Pecan and pumpkin pies are a couple of them.


4. Favorite pregame meal?

I really didn’t like to eat much during pregame of game day. The night before I’d hit the pasta bar (still an all time favorite). On game day I would eat light, mainly lasagna.


5. Do you think there is any truth to the rumors about Charlie Strong being interested in Miami job?

I don’t know what is true. I do know Texas has become a really tough place to coach, not just because of the things going on in athletics, changes etc., but the unreal mindset of our fan base (who by the way haven't sold out a game this year). I love our fans, but we have to be more realistic. We ran off Greg Davis and his team is now undefeated. We ran off the second winningist coach in the school history who only had one bad season the other "bad" seasons were 8, 9 and 8 wins. Then there was talks of letting Strong go after this season. I just don’t understand. We have to come back down to earth and understand processes and actually how hard it is to win when all goes right, let alone the drama that’s been on our campus. We have to support the kids in both the good and the bad times! I like coach Strong and I’m confident he will do what’s best for him. I LOVE our fans and hope we relax and just support our school and athletes.


6. What is the best way for fans to interact with you? Twitter? Snapchat?

This is an ironic question after my last message. If they’re sensitive or in denial they may not react with me anymore haha. But really it’s all sorts of ways. I’m pretty available because the school and fan base means a lot to me. I'm not very good at SnapChat so definitely not on there. Twitter is pretty big for the fans to chat and show love which I really appreciate. Since moving back to Austin, I see lots of fans and friends which is always best! Getting to see and know me outside of the helmet is important because then when I write a message or share my opinion, you see I mean well; whether positive or not so positive. I bleed burnt orange and I will to the grave! Hook Em!