Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby - Week 3

Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby - Week 3

09/17/2015 0

Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby - Week 3


Hey Longhorn fans! I'm back with a recap of UT vs Rice, thoughts on Steve Patterson and a look forward to Saturday's game vs Cal.

The Rice game was good from an offensive standpoint. They weren't on the field much and still had big plays we haven't seen in the last three games. Heard is still young, but showed signs of being special. He constantly looks down the field, reads the defense pre-snap and makes huge plays when protection breaks down. The team is young so definitely a work in progress. Cal has a good offense so our defense will be tested again. I’m sure Bedford will have them ready to go.


Steve Patterson will be in the history books for hiring the coaches he did. However the University of Texas is huge with family, always taking care of their own. Many didn't feel the love. I can speak from a letterman perspective: A lot of our Longhorn legends weren't attending games like they had in the past. It’s important for recruits to see the family culture and pride for our program. 


Each week I’ll be answering six questions from fans. You can participate using #AskQuan6 on Twitter or by commenting below. Here are this week's questions.


1. What record will the Longhorns finish with this season? 

I have no clue what the record will be, but I’m confident they will get better every week with a chance to win games.


2. Do you think Mack Brown would make a good Athletic director for UT? 

I think Mack has been pretty good at all he has attempted in the sports profession. If I'm not mistaken, Deloss played or coached and later became an Athletic Director. We all know how that turned out; Hall of Famer in my opinion. 


3. What was the best advice you ever got? 

After the national championship game Coach Brown said "Don't let this be the best thing that ever happens to you," "Be a great person, father, student, etc...". At that moment he still was more concerned about the men we all would become than the fame from the huge accomplishment.


4. Would you ever want to coach football?

I love to share experience and knowledge to young kids in sports, but I'm more like the fun uncle. I coach and have fun, then send them back to their real coaches.


5. Do you have a pump up song you would listen to before games? 

I usually listen to old school music, but on game day I listened to Lil Wayne. No specific song though.


6. Favorite place to go on vacation? 

I enjoy traveling a lot; especially driving so I can see the scenery. I have been to 41/50 states in the US and plan to visit them all. I try to find something local to eat everywhere I go. It’s hard to pinpoint one particular place. My top three are: Denver, Washington DC, and Scottsdale. 


Tune in next week as I recap the Texas Longhorn's game and answer your questions Hook 'Em!