Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby - Week 4

Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby - Week 4

09/24/2015 0


Hey Longhorn fans! I'm back with a recap of UT vs Cal, thoughts on Jerrod Heard and a look forward to Saturday's game vs OK State.

The end result of Saturday's game wasn't what a coach, player or fan would have liked, but seeing the fight in the guys was refreshing. I was beginning to wonder if the players really cared. That’s not a question anymore. I'm not big on comparisons, but I do see signs of Vince in Jerrod Heard. Heard is beginning to write his own story. I’m impressed with his first two starts. He leads by his actions giving the entire team a lift and hope. If UT can consistently play like they did in the 4th quarter they can match up with anyone on their schedule.

I see the Longhorns winning this week. They will need to step things up on defense, pressuring the QB and making tackles.


Each week I’ll be answering six questions from fans. You can participate using #AskQuan6 on Twitter or by commenting below. Here are this week's questions.


1. What would you tell Nick Rose after Saturday's game?

I would tell Nick to get back to work. Be there for your teammates from this point on. There is nothing that can be done now. Help your teammates make the fans forget about that game.


2. Who is the funniest UT football player you played with?

Locker room personalities come out pretty strong on a football team. You see great sides of all your brothers. The funniest UT player I played with was Casey Studdard. Casey is a nut; never know what to expect.


3. What was the loudest football game you ever played in?

The loudest game I’ve ever played in was the 2005 Ohio St. game. They were ranked 3rd in the country. 110,000 fans were in attendance. Whoever won had the best chance to get to The Show. Their fans did all they could to make it hard on us. We had to signal everything. We couldn't hear Vince in the huddle.


4. What NFL team do you cheer for?

I weirdly grew up not liking NFL teams. I did enjoy watching Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders as dual sports guys. I pull a little harder now for the Broncos because they were the best organization I played for when I was in the league.


5. Who is your hero?

The guys and girls born into tough situations they couldn't control and make something out of nothing through education, sports, or however possible.


6. Do you cheer for any college football teams other than the Longhorns?

I do cheer on other teams like underdogs, but my blood is burnt orange!


Tune in next week as I recap the Texas Longhorn's game and answer your questions. Hook 'Em!