Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby - Week 6

Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby - Week 6

10/08/2015 0

Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby - Week 6



Hey Longhorn fans! I'm back with a recap of UT vs TCU, thoughts on cell phones in the locker room and a look forward to Saturday's game vs OU.


TCU is a top 5 team and played likeit. Texas turned the ball over early against a good team. When that happens it can get uglyveryfast.

The media and fans had given the guys a pass because of the special teams and refs. Maybe the players thought they were a little better than they are. They need to put their heads down and get back to work. They have lots of it to do.

I still believe in Heard. He's a team guy. There will be growing pains and tough games considering all the positions in rebuild mode. I think he will rebound and continue to get better.

Times really have changed. When we were beating teams 47-0 at halftime I wouldn't have thought to check my phone, dang sure not my Twitter. That lack of focus could be a big reason why things aren't working out so far. I trust the coaches have addressed it and doubt that mistake will happen again. Playing the game should be important enough to those with that opportunity and these things shouldn’t happen.

I think every game from this point forward is the very important. I can’t predict if the Horns are ready, but if you put on that uniform and do not give everything for this GAME do us all a favor and transfer! Just Saying.

Each week I’ll be answering six questions from fans. You can participate using #AskQuan6 on Twitter or by commenting below. Here are this week's questions.


1. What is your favorite TX/OU memory?

Running around the stadium after a win and high-fiving fans. I loved seeing our half of the stadium full at the end of the game.


2. Why does OU suck? 

We don’t have blog space for me to name all the reasons OU SUCK but they do, all the time, and in a big way HAHA.


3. What is your favorite TV show? 

My all time favorite TV show is Law and Order. I don’t watch much TV anymore thanks to “reality TV”. 


4. Who is your favorite current NFL player?

My favorite current football players are Steve Smith and Anquan Boldin. Both are smaller slot type guys who make plays all day long. The coaches took chances on them and they didn’t disappoint. They play very smart and with the chip needed. 


5. Favorite movie? 

Some of my all time favorite movies are Troy and Gladiator. I enjoy seeing guys dominate their competition. 


6. Have you ever tried to kick a field goal? Was it hard? 

I have kicked lots of field goals. I usually toe punch them and soccer kick occasionally. It’s not easy, but not as hard as it seems to be for Texas. If you want to be great at anything I feel you have to work for it and it has to mean a lot. There will be good and bad times. How many good or bad is up to that person!


Tune in next week as I recap the Texas Longhorn's game and answer your questions. Hook 'Em!