Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby - Week 8

Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby - Week 8

10/29/2015 0

Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby - Week 8



Hey Longhorn fans! I'm back with a recap of UT vs Kansas State, thoughts Halloween and a look forward to Saturday's game vs Iowa State.


Glad to see the Longhorns grab the win last Saturday! Senior running back Jonathan Gray definitely stood out rushing for 100+ yards. There is always room for improvement after wins and losses. It wasn’t a perfect game, but the guys did exactly what they needed to do to win. The weather affected the game for sure, especially from an attendance perspective. Throwing the ball can also be tough in heavy rain and wind. That’s what makes the rushing yards and success even more impressive. The defense knew what we were going to do and couldn't stop us.


The Longhorns stack up well against anyone. As long as we take care of our assignments and play our game we have a very good chance of winning. Iowa St. plays very well at home, especially for night games. Add Halloween to the mix and the stadium will be rocking. We should expect their players to feed off the energy. It will be a tough game, but I think our Longhorns will take the win!



Each week I’ll be answering six questions from fans. You can participate using #AskQuan6 on Twitter or by commenting below. Here are this week's questions.


1. What is your favorite sports movie?

Favorite sports movie is “Remember the Titans”. There are so many meaningful stories, messages and some dang good football.


2. Favorite sport other than football?

I love baseball just as much as I love football so it doesn't count. I also love volleyball. It’s my second favorite sport. My family and I play lots of sand volleyball during family events. I also played in a co-ed league while attending UT.


3. What advice do you give kids that want to play college football?

Follow your dreams and work hard to get to college starting with the classroom. Get there, then get the degree!


4. When do you think Texas will win their next national championship in football?

I have no clue when Texas will win another championship. It’s a very hard thing to do. I truly believe we could be in the mix next year if we continue to grow and have a good offseason


5. What are you going to be for Halloween?

I will be working the Iowa St game for Halloween. I do the sideline portion of the radio broadcast in Ames (fun city) covering the team. Hoping for a nice win!


6. What is your favorite Halloween costume you've worn?

I’m not the biggest Halloween fan. I actually have never dressed up for it. I’m always me which is probably pretty scary to some! 


Tune in next week as I recap the Texas Longhorn's game and answer your questions. Hook 'Em!