Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby

Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby

09/03/2015 0

Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby

Longhorn Football With Quan Cosby

Hey great Longhorn fans, it's Quan Cosby, former UT letterman and T-Ring recipient. I'm pumped to be blogging at the Co-op this season!

Join us for fun questions, comments, and opinions about Longhorn Nation. It's almost time for the Longhorns to start their season against Notre Dame. They're ranked high, but the Horns are fired up and ready to play. The Horns have been labeled as underdogs. I think this will make them even more dangerous having something to prove.

Having the best fans in the country can make road games feel like home games. Sounds like the Longhorns will be traveling in large numbers.


Let’s Ride!


Each week I’ll be answering six questions from fans. You can participate using #AskQuan6 on Twitter or by commenting below.

Here are this week’s questions.


1. What are your expectations for the Longhorns this year?  

Like every year I expect the Longhorns to win, compete hard, and have pride in being part of a great legacy.  "The pride and winning tradition of the Texas Longhorns will not be entrusted to the weak nor the timid." - Jeff "Mad Dog" Madden 


2. Which player will be the difference maker this season? 

Seniors need to lead and young guys need to follow. It all boils down to players making plays and getting wins. 


3. Vince or Colt? 

Vince and Colt are very different. Both are good friends and teammates. I pick them both with Vince having the edge because he has the Ring.


4. What's your favorite game that you've ever played in? 

My favorite game as a Horn is tough after the obvious championship game. It would be the finish at the Fiesta Bowl. Then a close third would be all 4 years of the Cotton Bowl. Those were always big games with huge implications. Best rivalry in the country! 


5. What's the feeling you get walking into DKR and realizing you had so many amazing accomplishments there?  

It's a blessing and a honor!  I walk into DKR with a huge sense of pride and major swag. We kicked A LOT of "beep" in that place and it was great!


6. Where was your favorite place to play at on the road?

Favorite place on the road would be Texas Tech. They did the best job of showing stark hatred and talking trash. It was awesome leaving that stadium with a win.  


Tune in next week as I recap the Texas Longhorn's first game and answer your questions! 

Hook 'Em!