Meet the Grad Team

Meet the Grad Team

03/24/2017 0

Hey grads!

Graduation is coming up quickly, so it's time to make sure you have everything you need to walk the stage! Lucky for you, we have an awesome team of grad experts here to make that process as easy as possible.

We've even set up a Grad Fair so you can check off everything on your to-do list in one place, so be sure to stop by!

Here's what you can expect:

- Everything you need to graduate in one place! Invites, diploma frames, photos, and more

- 10% off of our Grad Pack

- Walk in photo studio for your yearbook photo

- Free food!

- Chances to win prizes

Make sure you stop by 11-5 this Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday!


Now, let's meet the team!




How long have you worked for the Co-op? In grad?

Joey M: I’ve worked in the Coop since May and in the grad department since February

Alicia Lim: I’ve worked here since October. Whooo.

Daylen: I’ve worked in the Coop since August and in the grad department since around November-ish

Joey R: I’ve worked with the Co-op since August and the Fall textbook rush.

Alyssa: I was first hired at the Co-op in late 2011. I’ve been working in Grad for about two and a half years.  

Paula: I just got hired this February!

Tatiana: I’ve been working here a whole 3 weeks!

Cristina: I’ve been working at the Co-op and the Grad department since January.

Chelsea: I’ve been working at the Co-op since January.

Cherry: I’ve been working grad dept (spring/fall) at the Co-op since Spring 2007.

What’s your favorite thing about working here?

Joey M: I really enjoying working with my coworkers because they offer guidance and company.  

Joey R: The Co-op is a student-oriented organization and it shows by the benefits they have for student employees including a textbook-loan program and flexible scheduling. I love the Co-op!


Tips for graduating seniors about life after college?

Alyssa: Take a break! It’s expected for you to jump right into a new job or grad school after completing your undergrad but you should really take some time to let your mind relax. Travel, spend time with friends, and SLEEP! You deserve it!

Paula: Take time out for doing things you really like outside of the academic context- you may find this is the perfect lead into a career after college.

Chelsea: Don’t feel like you have to have everything figured out when you graduate. Take time to do things you always wanted to do, but didn’t have the time to do while you were in school.  


Favorite place to eat in Austin? 

Salvador: By far my absolute favorite place to eat in Austin would be Cabo Bob’s. Every 7th burrito is free with a punch card!!

Cristina: Ooooo I love me some Torchy’s tacos! I think they’re the best because one taco fills me up. Plus the environment is super ~groovy~.


Any funny grad horror stories/clueless students/anecdotes?

Daylen: Listening to Alyssa & Joey M. sing duet to “No Scrubs” - TLC…..or how Salvador sneaks up behind everyone like Batman without even trying.

Alyssa: We had one student come in for Grad Portraits and later realized he threw a “hang loose” sign instead of a Hook ‘Em in his photos.


Why should students come to grad fair?

Alicia: Students should come to grad fair because it’s a great way to learn everything there is to know about graduation there’s usually sales and free food!!

Tatiana: Grad fair is great because it helps get you ready for graduation even before your senior year! You can come, learn a lot and feel more prepared about graduation.

Cherry: Great time to get all your questions answered by the “Graduation Rescue Squad”, get your items ordered and be fully prepared for graduation weekend.


See you at grad fair!