Other Uses for Car Emblems

Other Uses for Car Emblems

10/25/2016 0

Other Uses for Car Emblems


Whether you received four of these as graduation presents despite the fact that you don't have a car (#ParkingIsSoooExpensive), or you're just looking for a clever way to longhorn-ize your entire life, you're in the right place.

We stuck car emblems on everything we could find, and the results are pretty great. Here are twelve places to put your car emblem (that aren't your car).


1. Your bag

Chic, simple, and the perfect way to hide a stain (oops).


2. Your water bottle

Add some bling to your hydration. Plus, mixed metals are so in right now.


3. Your computer

The perfect addition to your computer. Looks great on a desktop or laptop.


4. A picture frame

Jazz up your own photos, or gift a picture to your longhorn bestie.


5. Your phone case

Show your pride without compromising your phone's safety.


6. Room decor

Fake plants are perfect for your dorm because the lack of natural light (thanks, Jester) won't kill them. Add an emblem to really personalize your decor.


7. Your notebook

Perfect for writing down homework, doodling in class, or keeping lists of why OU still sucks.


8. Your Nintendo DS

Pokemon is awesome, ok? The dog stickers are also a recommended addition.


9. Your fridge

Attach a magnet to the back of your emblem and use it to hang your beautiful totally-college-appropriate coloring book pages.


10. Your scale

So you can continue to ignore the fifteen pounds you definitely didn't gain freshman year.


11. Your door

So your guests know it's a longhorn home before they even walk in.


12. Your desk organization

The best motivation to get through your homework: a reminder that you're at the best school in the nation!


Check out a full collection of our car emblems here.


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