Signs You're Actually Becoming an Adult

Signs You're Actually Becoming an Adult

01/25/2016 0

Signs You’re Actually Becoming an Adult


by Mary-Cate Machalec


Sleep becomes a priority



You can actually do laundry



For Christmas things like “socks” and “oven mitt” were on your wish list and you were actually excited to get them



You hear younger teens use slang words and have no idea what they mean. Tbh you still don’t fully understand what “on fleek” means?



You haven’t eaten ramen in the past 6 months



You can go to the doctor’s office without having to call your mom for help



You stay in on a Saturday night and don’t feel bad about it



You get excited about cleaning



You prefer your coffee black



You do something and think “I am becoming my mother/father”



Naps become an integral part of your day


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