Student Organization Funding

Student Organization Funding: Fall 2017

11/17/2017 0

Student Organization Funding


Each semester, the University Co-op allocates funds to registered student organizations on campus to help with programs and events. Last semester, we funded over 50 student organization events. If you are a part of a student organization and would like to be considered for funding, fill out this form! Here are a few of the events that we funded this semester:

African Students Organization: Fest Africa

This semester, African Student’s Organization held an event called Fest Africa on October 20th at the Hogg Memorial Auditorium. This event showcased the true beauty and wonders of Africa through poetry, dance, music, drama, comedy, fashion, and more! Fest Africa showcased the beauty and diversity of Africa. Follow ASO on Facebook and Instagram!


Chinese Student Association: Mid Autumn Festival

Chinese Student Association held an event called the Mid-Autumn Festival on October 26th at Gregory Plaza. This was an event filled with performances, (from Korean Dance Company, Spitshine Poetry, Veronica Stuckey, Beauties and the Beat, Texas Dragon Dance Team, Re:Sound, David Cha, and Texas Wushu) culture, food, and prizes. Overall, about 150-200 UT students and faculty came to the event. Follow CSA on Facebook and Instagram!



The Project

The project is an organization at UT which hosts the largest day of service and connects UT students, staff, and faculty with their community. Their main goal is to provide a place for the UT community to volunteer together and connect with neighborhoods in Austin. Follow The Project on Facebook and Instagram!


Japanese Association: Fall Festival

The Japanese Association held their Fall Festival event on October 19th. They hosted approximately 450 attendees and had games, food, live music, and dancing.


Taiwanese American Student Association: Night Market Festival

From Qi S., Finance Director: "Taiwanese American Student Association's Night Market Festival was a huge success! We had a lot of student attendees. The students were actively engaged with each booth as they interacted with each games in addition to learning about Taiwanese culture. Cultural performances were also held such as lion dancing, Korean pop culture dancing, and singing. We also prepared some popular Taiwanese street vendor food in addition to buying catered food from First Chinese Barbecue such as green onion pancakes and skewered Chinese sausages. Prizes were given away throughout the whole event and sponsors were mentioned multiple times during the event. Overall, Night Market Festival was a success in achieving our vision of having the UT student community interact with and enjoy Taiwanese culture."


Texas Pakistani Students Association: Mock Mehndi

From Maheen S.: The event was larger than expected. We estimated 175 people but had over 200 in attendance. It was a huge success thanks to the generous help of our sponsors. The funding from UT CO-OP helped with costumes for our actors in the skit and dances. Costumes included authentic Pakistani clothing/wedding attire. They helped make this a grand, diverse, and culturally-inclusive event. Our event was open to all UT students and attracted students from all backgrounds. We had dances, skits, authentic Pakistani food, and competitions. It was a memorable and organized event, and hailed as one of UT’s best Mock Mehndis!


Texas Ballroom: The 36th Annual Great Waltz

From Robert C., Texas Ballroom Treasurer: "Overall the event was a success. We had 56 UT students/faculty, 109 community members, and 14 Texas Ballroom officers attend the event for a total of 179 attendees. We had an especially large amount of reserved tickets (151) for our event which indicates to us that our event is more well-known and will continue to grow in the future."



We look forward to continuing to support students through student organization funding in 2018! If you are a part of a student organization and would like to be considered for funding for the spring 2018 semester, fill out this form!