Taco Shirts, Taco Gifts, and More Tacos!

Taco Shirts, Taco Gifts, and More Tacos!

10/02/2017 0

Happy National Taco Day, Y'all!

October 4, 2017, aka National Taco Day, (only the best day ever!) is a day filled with lots of happiness, joy, fun, and tacos!!!

Here is some awesome taco merchandise at the UT Co-op that you can wear and use on October 4 in honor of National Taco Day!


All I need is Coffee and Tacos T-shirt

This t-shirt represents all we ever need: coffee and tacos (duh!). Wear this to show your passion for tacos and at the same time, rep your burnt orange!

Pictured: Ladies Coffee and Tacos T-Shirt


Tacos and Margs T-Shirt

When we don’t need coffee, we need margs! And nothing tastes better with tacos than a nice, cold margarita! Wear this shirt when you go to Chuy’s to celebrate National Taco Day with your friends!

Pictured: Comfort Colors Collection- Taco & Margs T-shirt


Elemental Tacos Tee

What better way to show your love for chemistry (and tacos!) than wearing a t-shirt that has the word “Tacos” spelled out on the Periodic Table of Elements? It is a must have for any science and taco lover!

Pictured: Comfort Colors Collection- Elemental Tacos Tee


Taco Cap

Got tacos on your mind all the time (we know this is the deal with all of us here in Austin!)? Wear this awesome taco hat, and then go get yourself some delicious tacos!

Pictured: Tacos On My Mind Adjustable Cap


Mini Taco Plush

This is a must have for anyone who loves tacos and stuffed toys! This adorable plush is the perfect stress-reliever for you or a friend! Keep it while you study, take a nap with it, decorate your room with it, and eat tacos while looking at it!

Pictured: Squishy Taco Miniature 7" Plush


We've all been there, Kevin...


We hope you enjoyed these 5 products at the Co-op that will help you celebrate National Taco Day!

Hook ‘Em and eat tacos in honor of this wonderful day y’all!