The 10 Best Views on UT's Campus

The 10 Best Views on UT's Campus

12/07/2015 0

The 10 Best Views on UT's Campus


by Mary-Cate Machalec


If you’ve ever stepped foot on the University of Texas campus, you know that it’s literally one of the most beautiful places in the entire country. Obviously. But just in case you need more clarification, here are 10 pictures to prove once and for all that the 40 Acres is the prettiest place to attend class. Texas Longhorns are lucky students! 


1) The view from the top of the Tower

(photo: @_emstagram_)


2) DKR Stadium – rain, shine, day, or night!

(photo: @baird1977)


(photo: @guidin94)


(photo: @lefttowright)


(photo: caitlynhansonn)


3) The intricate design and architecture of Battle Hall


4) The ivy-covered courtyard between Mezes and Benedict Hall

(photo: @natalia_orange29)


5) The Blanton Museum

(photo: @jimmybiessinger)


6) The Main Mall

(photo: @cvsherman) 


7) Texas Memorial Museum

(photo: @bealonghorn)


8) Gregory Pool

(photo: @hollyfraser8)


9) Any of the fountains on campus

(photo: @carsonbinford)


(photo: @knowatx)


(photo: @biancs92)


10) And of course, any view of the Tower

(photo: @natalia_orange29)


(photo: craigstaggs)


(photo: @sissie_0201)


(photo: @ivlivsxxiii)


Hook ‘em Longhorns!


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