The 16 Components of Springtime On The Forty Acres

The 16 Components of Springtime On The Forty Acres

05/15/2015 0

"The 16 Components of Springtime On The Forty Acres"

written by Hayley Gail


It’s spring! We made it. And with spring comes that spring fever. You know. The feeling you get to celebrate and reflect over how fortunate you are to be at this place during this time. I used to always say that my grades suffered more during spring semester because of all the life distractions. I just want to run around barefoot in the grass, get some sun to the point of almost burning, and start thinking about summer. Is that too much to ask for?!

As I always do, I decided to categorize certain elements about springtime that are of the utmost importance for us Longhorns.


1. Bluebonnets

Taking a bluebonnet picture is basically a rite of passage in Texas. I mean it’s not MANDATORY to get a bluebonnet picture every Spring. But it kind of is. How else is everyone going to know that you’re obsessed with your state?!

And your school.

And your mascot.


2. Boat parties

One of the most anticipated events of spring semester. It’s scorching hot. Finals are approaching. Summer is so close you can taste it. Get your booty on a party barge, where you can get lost in the beautiful hill country. Where your only worry is figuring out how to get home.


3. Baseball

Just like everything else at UT, baseball season is not taken lightly. Watching the Longhorns kick ass on a shaded hot Saturday is not merely attending a sporting event. It’s an absolute lifestyle. Plus, now you can enjoy over a nice cold brewski.

Seeing Augie in his prime is part of the fun. The man is a legend.


4. Vitamin D “study breaks”

Springtime makes for a challenging study routine. It’s nearly impossible to sit inside studying, when there are so many swimming opportunities around town.

Like the Gregory gym pool. “Sorry professor. I don’t have my stats homework because it fell in the pool.” Hey, it happens.

Or the Greenbelt. Alright Mother Nature. That’s not even fair.

Or Barton Springs. You know. For study “groups”.


5. Barbecue

Nothing says Texas like beautiful weather, a nice patio, and some slammin’ BBQ. No other university out there has tons of barbecue spots right on campus. From Black’s, to Freedmen’s, to Ruby’s, to Bert’s. There is no hope in avoiding the glorious goodness that is BBQ. Mark Twain once said “I have never let my schooling interfere with my barbecue.”


6. Tank tops, tank tops, tank tops

Tank tops and Nike shorts. Tank tops and sandals. I mean yes, you could probably get away with wearing tank tops nine months out of the year in Texas. Nonetheless. It’s spring! Time to bust out all of your university affiliated sleeveless swagger.

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7. Town Lake

Oh, the perks of being in Austin. The perfect way to escape reality. While not forgetting that you are in such a badass city.


8. Sno Beach

No better way to handle the sweltering Texas heat. It’s like biting into a snow man singing “taste the rainbow”. Their snow has to come from the heavens above. To top it off, they have every flavor you could ever imagine possible. Serving to the broke student population with their unbeatable prices. Life’s a (Sno) beach, and I’m just playin’ in the sand.


9. Forty Acres Fest

As if the university didn’t already give us enough opportunity to showcase our creativity and diversity. Every spring semester the university organizes this campus-wide festival, including live music, competitive contests, and student-organization entertainment. Displaying to the community our core values. Learning. Discovery. Freedom. Leadership. Individual opportunity. And responsibility.


10. Lunchon the Union patio

You know it is officially springtime when you can’t find an open table outside the Union to eat. Sharing is caring and all, but watch out for the birds and squirrels. They have ZERO remorse. Overall, as long as you get enough to eat, it’s all very worth it. Just too gorgeous to sit inside.

11. IM Water Volleyball

One of my all-time favorite things about spring semester. Half of us couldn’t play volleyball to save our lives (let alone in water). But no one cared. Because we were exercising, getting involved, and avoiding schoolwork. Oh, and getting a tan.


12. Holi

The festival of colors. A major Hindu festival that celebrates both the arrival of spring and the victory of good over evil on the day of the full moon. The university welcomes any and everyone who wants to attend for free. Take a break and enjoy a full-body celebration of color. Our school is pretty freaking awesome, y’all.


13. Round Up

There is no doubting that spring semester is upon us the second you see your first neon outfit and fanny pack. Round up is the perfect way to portray what an awesome student life we have here at UT. Whether you are interested in the Greek life or not. The University of Texas, like always, holds their standards to an all-time high. Even if you don’t end up ever coming here. One thing is for sure. You will NEVER forget this place.

The neon never stops. Also, more tanks!


14. #gonetotexas

It’s that time of year when prospective students all over the nation are receiving life-altering news. Getting a letter in the mail explaining that they have been accepted into The University of Texas at Austin. Call me cheesy, but it gives me chills seeing all of their pictures. In a few short months, their life will be forever changed. For the better. Congrats you guys!


15. New beginnings

Nearing the end of yet another year allows us all to start thinking about next year. Start preparing. To be better. To be SMARTer. To be STRONGer.

16. Graduation Jitters

Yes, it’s coming guys. Before you know it will be here. Don’t sweat it. Appreciate every second of it. It will be one of the best days of your life. One you will NEVER forget.


Springtime here on the Forty Acres is such a bittersweet season. It’s nearing the end of yet another amazing year at this university. It may represent a period of conclusion, or it may represent the start to new beginnings. No matter what spring may mean to you, you are a Longhorn. And these things will always remind you of what life as a UT student was like when spring came around.

Hook ’em! \m/

-Hayley Gray


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