The Stages of the Last Week of School

The Stages of the Last Week of School

05/02/2016 0

The Stages of the Last Week of School at the University of Texas. 


by Mary-Cate Machalec


It finally hits you: it’s the last week of classes.


All of a sudden, summer seems so close.


And you are ready to peace the heck out of here.


But standing between you and the end of classes is 4 tests, 2 papers, and a presentation.


Aka hell week.


At first the studying starts off really well.


Until you go to the PCL.


And you study so much you start to doubt everything you learned this semester.


At this point coffee is a necessity for your emotional stability.


And you legitimately hate anyone who ever told you college was fun.


Then you remember your professor decided to make your last test cumulative:


So you try and cram in some last minute studying:


But at this point you’re so over classes you just decide to screw it.


And you walk out of your last class like a boss.


You realized you survived hell week!!!


And you feel as proud as Leo when he won his Oscar.


All is right in the world.


Until……you realize you have to take finals.


Now you know why they really call them “dead days.”


Good luck studying Longhorns!





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