There's a New Elf in Town

There's a New Elf in Town

11/30/2017 0

There's a New Elf in Town

Introducing the new, improved, and PLUSH Texas Longhorn Holiday Helper Elf!! This year's Holiday Helper Elf took a trip around west campus to get the lay of the land and meet up with an old pal.


First thing's first... gotta catch up on the latest on the 'gram


AN ELF-SIZED YETI!?  It's a Christmas miracle!


We're ready to deliver gifts to all Longhorns and coal to all those Sooners!


Do you wanna build a snowmaaaaan?!


Leaving the staff at the Art Store secret notes with my new fav Tombow markers.


Quick snack before I meet my BFF for coffee at Lucky Lab!


When you and your bestie show up wearing the same outfit... 


Photo op before I hit up campus!


Tower selfie!!!!!!



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