Vote for the New Student Board Members!

Vote for the New Student Board Members!

02/27/2017 0

Voting is now open for the new Student Board Members! 


Not sure what the board members do? Read all about the role here.


Here are the candidates:



 Human Development and Family Sciences, College of Natural Sciences

"I want to become a Student Board Member to work towards improving the accessibility of resources and voice the desires and aims of the student body. I see the opportunity to work alongside prestigious and high-achieving UT faculty as well as actively participating in important business decisions of a multi-million dollar company as an invaluable experience. I want to cultivate a new-found enthusiasm for the traditions of the University of Texas that are built by the Co-op, while also fostering the growth of relationships between incoming students, current students and alumnae. I also want to ensure that the Co-op continues to provide high quality materials at a reasonable cost to the student body. The Co-op plays a substantial role in maintaining the success of the University of Texas at Austin and I would be honored to be a part of this organization."



 Business Administration and Master in Professional Accounting, McCombs School of Business

"Hello Longhorns! My name is Lara Garton, and I am a third-year MPA. I trace my roots to Aledo, Texas, and I’m proud to say my first ever (and only) college baseball cap is burnt orange. I would be honored to continue the tradition of excellence as one of your Elected Student Members of the Board of Directors.
My coursework in Accounting, specifically in Auditing and Assurance Services, has shown the importance of committee oversight, and the math side of my brain has an itch for numbers! Through my internship experiences, I have worked on a team to provide business solutions in a high-stake environment. Through mentorship from my peers and superiors, my ambition and competence has grown. I plan to enter public accounting, but further down the road I aspire to study Law and perhaps teach at this fine institution. I love seeing what this campus can do."



 Business Administration, Business Honors, McCombs School of Business

"People are passionate about UT, but I am passionate about what UT enables us to do. UT is what it is because of the students and what they go on to do once they leave UT. It’s an organization that enables students to be who they are, to the best of their abilities. I serve as the Community Service Chair on Undergraduate Business Council, the Business Representative for Student Government, a member of Tri Delta, a volunteer at Mount Nebo, and the founder of Tees For Thailand. Being a part of those organizations has opened opportunities and given me true pride. It has connected me to the most inspiring students at UT, and shown me how this school sets people apart. The Co-op plays a huge role in differentiating people through the use of the UT brand, and I believe my passion can help expand the Co-op’s impact."


Voting is open until 5pm tomorrow, March 2nd.

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