What to Buy Bae

What to Buy Bae

02/01/2017 0

What to Buy (Your Longhorn) Bae


Ah, Valentine's Day. Love it or hate it, it's here, and it's time to figure out what to do for that special someone in your life. This decision can be crucial. What if you've only been on a few dates? Will it be creepy if you get them something, or jerk-ish if you don't? When in doubt, take a breath, get out your phone, and hint at what you want in the most obvious way possible.


Never fear, the Co-op is here with gift ideas every Longhorn would love. Pair any of these with a thoughtful note and a sweet date, and you just killed the Valentine's Day game.


Gifts for Him:


A nice tie

Texas Longhorn Silk Tie

So he has something to wear when he meets your parents *cue screaming*.


A (subtly) Texan belt

Texas Longhorn Leather Concho Belt

Because sagging isn't cool anymore (but it never really was).


A comfy sweatshirt

Texas Longhorn Campus Classic Hoodie

Let's be real: This is really so you can steal borrow it.


A cool phone case

Texas Black iPhone 6 Switchback Case

So you don't scream internally every time he drops his phone.


Gifts for her:


Texas jewelry

State of Texas Necklace | State of Texas Earrings

 Jewelry is always a safe bet - throw Texas on it and she's guaranteeed to love it.


Cozy Slippers

Longhorn Sherpa Moccasin Slipper

Girls love being cozy. It's just a fact.


A statement necklace

Beaded Scallop Mosaic Bib Necklace

Again, jewelry is always a win. This piece is perfect for the girl who loves dressing up.


A comfy sweater

Texas Home Woolly Crew

Sweaters always make a great gift because you don't have to guess perfectly on size. Pro tip: When in doubt, buy a size up. Big sweaters are even cozier.


Gifts for all:



Longhorns Chocolate Pecans and Caramel - In store only

No explanation needed.



Texas Tea Light Candles

To set the ~mood~.


The most important thing you can do on Valentine's Day is just make your bae smile. Whether it's though one of these cute products or a simple sweet note, spend time with your loved ones and make them feel special!

If you think you and your boo make the cutest couple around, enter our longhorn duo contest!

Take a picture of you and your bestie - whether that be your S.O., your best friend, your dog, or your mom - in Longhorn gear. The photo that receives the most votes wins a $100 Co-op gift card and $100 donated to a student organization of your choice! Second place receives a $75 Co-op gift card and 3rd place receives a $50 Co-op gift card. 

Enter here!

Happy Valentine's Day, and Hook 'Em!