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Bi-Annual Sale | UT Official Cap & Gown | Traditional Cap & Gown | Non-UT Official Caps & Gowns

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The Co-op's Bi-Annual Doctoral Regalia Sale

Save 15% on your cap and gown!

The Co-op has a bi-annual sale on custom doctoral regalia – we put the regalia on sale twice a year (take 15% off the regular price)! Set your calendars to take advantage of this great deal if you are planning to purchase your regalia -- this sale can't be found on any other campus! First Wednesday – Friday in October and March every year.

Our Spring 2018 Sale will be February 21st - 23rd.

How to order and get your discount:

  1. Visit the Co-op Graduation Department during the sale to choose your gown and submit your order.
  2. Submit your order form during the sale via email or fax.


A Tour of the UT Official Regalia

UT's Official Custom Doctoral Regalia is the official regalia for all doctoral degrees including degree candidates receiving professional degrees in Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) and Law (Doctor of Jurisprudence - J.D.).


UT's Official Custom Gown

The UT Official gown is a custom Madison-style robe made of a rich Dalton Crepe fabric. The ensemble features:

  • A custom gown accented with gold embroidered UT towers on the front lapel.  It's accented with gold metallic cording and features a pocket slit to reach your real pocket.
  • Two pins embedded in the towers. The right is a replica of the medallion worn by the President of UT and the left features the symbol of the graduate college and is rimmed with the color of the graduate’s specialty.
  • A matching velvet hood.  The hood features a unique braided cording detail and is lined with rich Texas Orange and white satin. Unlike traditional faculty regalia, the hood will be the same style regardless of the doctoral degree.
  • A matching 6-corner velvet tam with a gold, metallic tassel which will never fray.


The UT Official regalia cannot be customized or modified in any way. You may purchase the items all together or individually. 





$688.00 $64.99


$185.00 $32.99


$107.00 Not rentable, purchase for $107.00

Pin Set

$46.00 Not rentable, purchase for $46.00


$15.95 None






A Tour of the Traditional Faculty Doctoral Regalia

Faculty at the University of Texas typically wear the traditional style of regalia to commencement ceremonies, which will allow you to wear a hood with your alma mater's colors.


Traditional Doctoral Regalia

Traditional regalia can be worn by graduates from any university.

  • The robe will be a black robe with dark blue or black velvet panels and bars on the sleeves. Accent colored cording highlighting your specialty or alma mater can be added to the velvet panels and bars.
  • There are two gown styles and many fabric options. The traditional hood will be made with matching black fabric and velvet in the color of your degree. The satin lining of the hood will be the colors of your alma mater.
  • You may choose to wear either a velvet tam or a flat mortarboard with this set. Most candidates will choose the more comfortable tam, which is exclusively for doctorate graduates.
  • Tams can be customized by choosing the velvet color, number of corners and style of gold tassel.


Traditional regalia may be rented or purchased. When you purchase the traditional regalia, there are a variety of options and customizations, so pricing can range anywhere from $604 to $1,150. Rental pricing ranges from $59.99 to $87.99, the rental traditional gown will be a simplified outfit; a plain black robe with black velvet and bars. No customizations are available on a rental outfit.



Doctoral Regalia FAQs

Can I rent the traditional regalia if I'm a student?

The UT Official custom gown is the official regalia for doctoral candidates graduating from the University of Texas, it is the preferred style of regalia that should be worn to UT commencement.  However, students may opt to wear the traditional, faculty regalia to commencement instead.


Should I rent or purchase?

If you are planning to continue teaching at another university, we recommend purchasing your regalia. The custom gowns are designed to last a lifetime, so it’s a one-time investment and will save you from going through a rental process each semester. A good option for those who cannot make the investment right now is to purchase part of the regalia, and piece-meal your way into purchasing the entire set. Keep the hood from your initial hooding ceremony for a great a keepsake!

The last consideration is timing. When you purchase a gown, they are custom-made to order and will take 4-7 weeks to arrive. Rentals typically are available on a shorter timeline.


I am from another school. Can I order from the Co-op?

We can special-order many other school's "Official" regalia. 

Contact us to see if your school has an official regalia available for purchase. If you purchase during our bi-annual doctoral regalia sale, you'll be able to apply that discount to this purchase. Other colleges official regalia is not available for rent.


I still have questions!

Contact us or drop by the Graduation Store to talk with a Graduation representative or to see samples. There are a lot of options for you, it’s a good idea to try samples on or see them in person to help with the decision!